Jen's Favorite Tools

 Here you can find the tools Jen loves to use for her quilting journey. If it's on this page it is a tool that she uses and has on hand.

Jen sews on a Babylock Brilliant

Jen quilts on a Babylock Coronet

Jen also uses a Babylock Victory

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Jen believes in good lighting for accurate quilting. Whether it's cutting, pressing, sewing, quilting or ripping, good lighting makes all the difference.



This is the iron Jen uses. She does not use steam and finds this keeps the iron like new, longer. She keeps water in a mister shared below.

Hamilton Beach Iron

Jen has a wool mat she uses for pressing smaller units. The link leads to many size options as spaces vary, Jen has the 17" x 24" size.

Wool Pressing Mats

Jen uses Scent-free Best Press. You can choose to make your own as well, she chooses to purchase.


To make the starch last longer Jen uses a misting bottle. She also has one for just water for stubborn creases.

Misting Bottle


Jen has the space for a larger cutting mat, this is the size she currently uses:

24" x 36" Self Healing Cutting Mat

If you need a smaller size, this is the size Jen recommends if you mostly cut yardage, but need to stay smaller:

18" x 24" Self Healing Mat

Jen recommends that you cut your yardage with rulers from the same company, whichever brand you choose.

6 1/2 " square

6 1/2" x 12 1/2" rectangle

6 1/2" x 24 1/2" rectangle

Jen uses, and sells, Deb Tucker Studio 180 Designs specialty rulers for trimming special units.

Tmming HST units

Trimming Flying Geese units

Trimming Square in a Square

Jen uses clear medical tape on the back of rulers so they don't slip on the fabric.

Clear Medical Tape

Rotary cutter

Ergonomic rotary cutter

Jen uses these replacement blades?

Replacement blades


Jen does use Frixion pens, but only on the wrong side of the fabric, not for marking quilting lines.

Marking tool for light fabric

Bohn Pencil

Clover White


Sewing machine needles

Foot pedal pad

Jen pieces everything in grey.


Jen loves hand stitching her binding and currently uses these:

Hand stitching needles


Seam rippers do get dull, so don't be afraid to replace yours! If it's tugging on the fabric, it's stretching the fabric and that is affecting your accuracy.

Seam Ripper


Jen uses a Sharps container for old/broken needles, pins, rotary cutter blades, seam rippers, etc.

Sharps container

Quilting gives artists the opportunity to find what works for them. Find the tools and the techniques that work for you. 


Go make something extraordinary!


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