Monday, October 30, 2017

Introducing The Border Quilt!

It's here! The lovely Border Quilt. Pattern 13 from Patterns By Jen, but don't let that fool you, this number 13 is lucky!

89" x 92"
I'm releasing the digital version of The Border Quilt on my Etsy and Craftsy sites, at a discounted price of $6, while I wait for the hard copies to be printed. 

Like all of my patterns, this quilt started as a sketch in a graph paper notebook. It grew and grew until I had to stop and just start drawing it in EQ5. (Yes, it's still EQ5, maybe my hubby will get me EQ8 for Christmas. One can hope anyway.) 

I had many starts, stops and redos when designing it in the EQ5 program, because when you have different sized blocks to work with, it's like a puzzle to make them all fit, so you will notice that the cream borders are different widths throughout the pattern.

I did a sneak peek of the quilt in Watertown, SD at a quilt show I was vending at. It was thought to have the look of a round robin, and I think that is a really good way to describe it. 

I stepped out of my comfort zone and went all scrappy with this top. The fabrics in the large version are all French General fabrics.

32" x 40"
The middle can be pieced as it is in the larger version, or you can use a favorite focal fabric as shown in the smaller version. I love that versatility. This smaller version is so fun and super quick. I backed it with minky and think a little one would enjoy that texture.

This pattern has four different sizes, so it's easy to make the size you love.

Let's take a look at the tops the testers made.

Sherra made the 54" x 60" size. Love those colors, and those dots!!  You had me at dots!

Joanne made this cute cat 54" x 60" version, which helped us realize that directional fabric is not ideal for this pattern. :/

This scrumptious pink 68" x 76" version is from tester Dedee. Love the look of just two colors. She says she will definitely be making this one again.

Allison braved the 89" x 92" version. Isn't it stunning. I always like the stained glass look of the quilts when they are flimsy's and the sun shines through them.

I think quilts are like children, you love them individually for their own personality, but this one might be my favorite...until the next one. Do you have a favorite quilt you've made or do you love them all the same?

Happy Stitching!

The Border Quilt Stats:

Large version
Pieced by: Me
Made with: French General Fabrics.
Quilted with: Funky Flowers
Quilted By: Fabrics Plus

Small version
Pieced by: Me
Quilted: In the ditch stitching along green borders
Quilted by: Me


  1. Jen, this pattern is WONDERFUL! The large version is my favorite. It looks like the kind of pattern that would require accurate seam allowances?? I haven't made enough quilts to know if that theory holds true about the latest one being the favorite. :) One of these days!

    1. Thank you so much, Janice. :)

      The half-square triangles get squared as you go, and that helps with accuracy, and the Flying Geese units are made with the no waste method, so they are pretty accurate as well. I think the biggest thing with accuracy is that you use the same seam allowance every time, as long as you are consistent, you will find your accurate seam allowance. Plus, there are enough repeat blocks that you get a lot of practice. Ha!!


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