Saturday, February 10, 2018

Island Batik Ambassador Reveal

The day has arrived! The beautiful fabrics provided by Island Batiks are here, along with batting from Hobbs Batting and *beautiful* thread from Aurifil. 

As an Island Batik Ambassador I will be participating in a year of monthly challenges, and I will be using the Island Batik fabrics provided by the company. I'm so excited to get started on the first one, which is actually more like one and a half.

The first is a GALentines post card. You can find out more about GALentines HERE. This was not a challenge, but an opportunity to use the fabrics in something really just for fun. I will be using the pretty pink Valentines fabrics for this little project.

I will also be using them in this month's mini challenge. They are such a pretty group of fabrics. I'm looking forward to sharing these two challenges with you this week.

Next we have the Stash Builder rolls. There are multiple colors in each roll. I have a plan for these already as well, but that is for a different month and a different post. Aren't the colors just fabulous?! *I'm going to try really hard not to repeat that phrase, but I'm not making any promises.*

These fabulous pieces. Be still my heart! That purple!!  It's a beautifull soft rayon, which I have never sewn with, and I would love to hear your thoughts on working with it. The neutral is called Branches-Light Smore- Mountain's Majesty. If you want me to buy fabric, that name will do it!

The Foundations bundle. Ummmmm Whoa.

Pick a color. Any color!  If you can look at that bundle and not be happy you need to get some Vitamin D in you.  I'm going to be cutting into the pinks right away, but the rest of these...I think I'm just going to leave out and let them soak into me for a bit.

This bundle of Fat Eighths comes in such a bright array of loveliness.

The hard part will be deciding what color to use. The combination is stunning.

Here they are with the coordinating fabric that was also sent. I can't decide if I see summer or spring. Either way, this will brighten up the dungeon in which I stitch!

Let us now bask in what is my favorite of all. Now admittedly, when I say/type the name of this line "Blue Moon" I immediately go to that scene in Grease. You know the one I'm talking about, right? It really has nothing to do with the fabrics, that's just me and the way my brain sometimes works. This fabric though. So stunning. I love purple, and these are a fabulous grouping of rich purples and blues.

Check out the coordinates that were also sent along. Really, I'm trying not to drool, yet at the same time trying to figure out how in the world I'm going to cut into all of this gloriousness!  Island Batik just finished a week long blog hop featuring Blue Moon. I encourage you to check it out.  

Meet the partners

Aurifil has generously sent six spools of gorgeous color. 

The four orange spools are their 50 weight thread, and the two green spools are their 40 weight thread.

They also sent 6,452 yards of white 50 weight cotton thread. Ooohhhh yeeeaaahhhh.

As well as this handy brochure that helps explain which each weight is good for.

Hobbs Batting has also partnered with Island Batik and sent two batting options for us to use in our projects.

A twin size of their 80/20.

They also sent a queen size of their ultra thin option. I am really excited to try this one out.

They sent samples and descriptions of their products as well. I *love* that. When I can see AND touch the batting I am considering, I can feel very confident in that purchase.

It's the little things

This beautiful hand dyed, rayon scarf was part of the amazing product sent.

Hand. Dyed. I don't think I can really say any more than that.  You may have noticed little buttons in some of the pictures. Island Batik sent a few of those along as well. Too fun! It brings me back to jean jacket days and collecting buttons.

One last surprise

There is one last surprise...for you, for later.

As soon as I stopped the live reveal on Facebook I tore into this sucker, you may notice it was wrapped a little nicer in the video. I didn't take a picture before opening it, so I had to "fake" this one.  The spring line from Island Batiks literally took my breath away. If you are a batik lover, and even if you aren't, you are going to want to keep an eye on the reveal day, because WOW.

I hope you enjoyed this "slower" reveal and enjoyed seeing the beautiful fabric. I can't tell you how rich they are in real life. Scrumptious. I am really looking forward to sharing the projects I put together with these, and I'm going to sign off and get started now. Don't forget to let me know your ideas for working with rayon!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Hi Jen~I didn't use my Rayon they sent last year yet, but I do remember someone telling me to be sure to prewash it as it shrinks(which I didn't know). So jealous of your purple Rayon!!!!!!!!

  2. What a nice collection you off to the races both of us for our first two projects.

  3. Enjoy your fabrics, looking forward to seeing the projects.


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