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Start of The Border Quilt Quilt Along

It's arrived! The Border Quilt Quilt Along is here!

Well, kind of. We have a change in our start date. Due to a delay in the shipping of Enchanted Forest to quilt shops we are moving our start date to September 12. If you are planning on using the fabric for the quilt along, you don't have to worry about starting out behind because you have to wait for your fabrics. Below is the new schedule:

July 18 - Intro post

Sept 12 - Making the center (both center options will be included in this post)

Sept 26 - Checker border with two background borders

Oct 10 - Star blocks with a background border

Oct 24 - Friendship stars with a background border

Nov 7 - Pinwheels with a background border

Nov 21 - Flying Geese

Dec 5 - Finishing touches


First grab your pattern.

Etsy Digital: The Border Quilt

Craftsy Digital: The Border Quilt

Payhip Digital: The Border Quilt


For the quilt along I used Enchanted Forest from Northcott Fabrics. This fabric is shipping to stores soon and you should be able to get yours before we start Week 1. It's a very soft flannel with soft colors and perfect for snuggling under once winter shows up.

Not feeling this fabric? Feel free to choose your own fabrics. Scrappy lover? Go for it. Need a quilt for a baby? Make the smallest version and finish early. Headed into summer and not winter? Grab some pretty quilting cottons. This quilt is easy to make yours and I hope you do.

***Please note***

If you are using flannel, do *not* pre-wash. As long as you are using all flannel it will all shrink together once it's quilted and bound. If you feel strongly about pre-washing you will want to order extra fabric, flannel shrinks enough to make the fabric requirements a little bit tight.

Grab a fabric organizer HERE.

A spot of glue is all you need and you are set to go. This one is laid out for Enchanted Forest Line, but you can easily make it yours after you print it.


Basic quilting supplies are needed.

Self healing cutting mat and rotary cutter:
Change that blade, a nice sharp blade will make this quilt along fun.


My two favorite sizes are the 24" x 6 1/2" and 6 1/2" square

I also used two rulers from Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design, the Tucker Trimmer and the Wing Clipper, both available in my Etsy shop. They are not needed, but these are the two rulers I always use for Half Square Triangles and Flying Geese.

Hint: Pick up some clear medical tape to put on Deb Tucker's rulers to keep the rulers from slipping.


I have an order for a gallon of this stuff coming. Do you think I have a problem?

Flannel is stretchy, using a starch will help stabilize it a bit. There are different solutions to choose from, many mix up their own. I like Best Press for a couple of reasons.

1) I don't want to mess with mixing my own. I stay out of the kitchen because I'm not very good at baking, I'm not messing with trying to mix up a good starch. Ha!

2) Time. Every little bit of time is spoken for so using something I know works is necessary.

Marking utensils:

I used my Frixion pen, because I know I'm cutting on the lines drawn. Mechanical pencils are my next favorite, they just don't work quite as well on flannel.

Thread and bobbins:

I like to piece with a grey thread, polyester or cotton works. You'll need about 3 large (547 yards of thread) spools of thread. I used just over one spool to fill 12 bobbins and used all of them for this top.

Sewing machine and needles:

Before we start piecing give your machine a good cleaning. You can find maintenance tips HERE. If you are using flannel fabrics you are going to be cleaning your machine often. I'll give you a remeinder after each border, and you will want to do it then. It's amazing the amount of fuzz and lint that builds up when using flannel, and how it can effect your sewing.

Change your needle and we'll be ready to start.

We will start the first border September 12th. *Note the new date!* Until then gather your supplies, pick your pretty fabrics and get ready to put together a beautiful quilt. Share your fabric pulls on social media and don't forget to use #patternsbyjen  #theborderquiltquiltalong (and/or #tbqqa for short) so I can share in the excitement and beautiful fabrics.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Gosh I wish I’d seen this a little while back. I am going to follow along although I can’t commit to sewing with everyone. This is a fabulous pattern.


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