Wednesday, June 1, 2022

June 2022 Monthly Color Challenge

Hello June!

This month's spice is the mustard seed. I love mustard. I love the mustard color. This might be *my* month. What I didn't know is that the mustard seed comes in more than one color. What?! I know, blew my mind, too.

Photo: Swapan Photography

If you want to know all about Mustard Seeds Nerdy Foodies is the place to go. They are the ones who told me yellow is not the only color the mustard seed comes in. Now, maybe you knew this, but remember *not a cook* so anything with food is probably going to wow me. 🤣

More from Nerdy Foodies:

What does the mustard seed taste like?

"Yellow seeds are mellow with a slight spice and sweetness while brown and black seeds are hot and sharp with bitter elements. The aroma is similar to curry leaves with a delicate spice."

What goes well with the mustard seed?

"This seasoning is extremely versatile and can pair with almost any ingredient including rice, potatoes, cabbage, cheese, pork, poultry, fish, shellfish, coriander, garlic, chilli, honey, yoghurt, ginger, coconut, and pulses."

There are alos a few recipies you can check out. I'm going to have to try the Mustard Seed Potatoes. Yummy!

Continuing with the "I didn't plan this" theme, the center of this months block could pass for the little mustard seed, especially in the 6" finished size.

This block is super simple so I hope you enjoy it, and maybe even play around with other color options while you wait for July.

June Bloggers

Karen - Karen Bolan

The Monthly Color Challenge Bloggers share their favorite quilts using the color of the month. Have you made a quilt where yellow was the stand out?

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