Monday, January 1, 2024

2024 January Monthly Color Challenge Block

 Are you ready for a New Year and a new Monthly Color Challenge?!

Our challenge this month is inspired by tropical fish. Such beauty lays under the water, it's hard not to be inspired.

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This month our color is green and we look to the Green Tiger Barb for our inspiration.

From AZGardens:

 It’s hard to overlook the Green Tiger Barb in a tank, thanks to its fluorescent green body, silver and gold blotches and neat orange fins.  These fish should be put in schools of at least six, and they’re known for being quite active.  That said, you should note they like well-planted aquariums that have either soft or slightly acidic water.

In regards to breeding, we recommend putting them together in the same aquarium, as they will pair off instinctively.  The females will lay eggs, the males will fertilize them and the baby fry will be swimming within 4 days.  The frys need formulas before they can take on flake food, while adults need veggies, meats with protein, flake foods and live and frozen foods like brine shrimp and bloodworms.

I love greens and this fish would be hard to say no to, especially adding the gold, silver and orange!


I'm using Benartex's "Burlap" fabric line. I love the texture of the fabric, sooo much.


Our featured blogger this month is:


Joanne ~ Everyone Deserves a Quilt


Find her on Instagram,too!


Ready for the  block? It's a super simple block with Flying Geese Units and a Square in a Square unit. Two of  my favorites.


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I hope my feed is swimming in green this month!

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