Sunday, November 13, 2016

Linked - bigger and better

I have updated "Linked," the third pattern in the PBJ family and added 3 more sizes to the pattern. So it is indeed, bigger and better. 

The quilt on the back.

With introducing a change, I thought I would play with some color options. A beautiful fall day had me going with autumnal colors to start.

You can also choose to do just two colors.

Changing the background color can really change the look as well.

If you have purchased a "Linked" pattern before the size additions, you can go to the Pattern Add Ons page and download the information for fabric requirements and cutting needs to make a larger quilt.

Haven't had the chance to purchase "Linked"? You can go to my Etsy shop, or check out the Shops/Distributors page.

One more, because I always have to have an option in purple.

Happy Stitching!

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