Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SWAT pillow

Friday we had our first snow in SW Minnesota, which was also the first blizzard of the winter. So what better way to usher in winter then with a pillow featuring a..... mosquito?

You have to admit he's kinda cute, for a mosquito. 

This pillow, SWAT!, was a kit from Fabrics Plus, and it features the Quilt Minnesota 2016 fabrics. Yes, I've had this kit since Aug. Yes, I waited until the first blizzard to make it. Yes, it makes total sense in my head. 

There was some extremely cute mosquito fabric, which sold out quickly in the LQS, I believe. I find that funny, since we spend months "swatting" the suckers. On the other hand I used cute and mosquito in the same sentence, twice, so....

I did a quick in the ditch quilting job around the pieced border and an echo around the mosquito, and left the rest. I stitched down the applique, but only because I have a dog, a couple of cats, a few kids and a husband. The chances of this not needing to be washed are pretty slim. 

I had this fun idea to photograph this pillow out in the snow. 

Hahaha, yeah, that didn't work. My 17 year old said driving after a blizzard feels like learning to drive all over again. Apparently, photographing after a blizzard, is the same. These are the two best shots, the others are even more laughable.

Happy Stitching!


  1. As much as I hate mosquitoes, that pillow is awfully cute. :) It would be a great addition to a camper or cabin. I really like the rolled binding on the edge. That is something I haven't done before.

  2. It was a first for me, too, Jen. Not as hard as I thought, not easy, but not as hard. ;)


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