Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Organization - Clip Boards

The next step in my search for an organized design business: clip boards.

I found these on Amazon (no affiliation). I was looking for boards I can hang easily, plus they are pretty. Right now my plan is to have a pattern design on each clip board, and yes, I went back and rewrote the post it notes on my Kanban board to match the board the pattern is on. Even writing that makes me happy.

To help keep track of all the information needed for each design, I found an awesome Project Tracking Form on Hunter's Design Studio blog in her We Are Sew Worth It area. Check out the free resources she has for keeping track of all the important little things that make up running a business.

Once again I'm using some 3M hooks to hang my organization tools.

I've hung all 6 above my cutting mat area, this way I can have the cutting instructions available without taking up precious cutting area. Since they are on hooks they will be easy to take with me to the machine or switch around if I need to work on something else.

How are your organizational plans coming along so far? I'm feeling a little more optimistic about staying on top of everything this year.

Happy Stitching!

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