Thursday, January 11, 2018

2018 - Q1 Finish - A - Long Goals List

This is my first year joining the Finish-A-Long.

Marci Girl Designs

For this first quarter, which ends April 1 (why does that suddenly sound like it's right around the corner), I chose three WIP to finish.

Here A Square There A Square

First on the list is putting the binding on the Here A Square There A Square quilt. It's been quilted since the last QAL post, and there it has sat.  Time to finish it up.

Second, I'm going to finish the binding on the Suite life. It looks finished, doesn't it?

Not so much!

2017 AQS Christmas Countdown

Last on my list is finishing up the Christmas Countdown put on by America Quilter's Society. I finished...four.

I won't have enough of the blue to finish, but I found that pretty grey and I think that will work in well.

I'm excited to try and get these finished up. I admittedly chose easy finishes, just to see if I can actually finish them with the other thing going on. The great thing is that if I don't finish, I can roll it over to quarter 2, 3...or 4.

Will you be joining the Finish-A-Long? There are a lot of quilters/seamstresses linking up and you can join until Monday, January 15.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Three lovely projects, it would be great to finish them. If you are short of time, even some progress will be nice of course. And like you say, you can roll them over, too!
    Thank you for joining us in the Finish-A-Long, and I do hope you get at least one finish!


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