Sunday, April 1, 2018

April Color Challenge

April is here, how did that happen so fast?!

This bright and happy block is perfect for spring. I need a little sunshine and brightness in my life to help combat...well...the leftover March drearies.

12" block

Grab the instructions for a 6" or 12" finished block HERE.  Don't miss the first three blocks in the 2018 Color Challenge.

6" block

The block patterns and settings will be available for free until June 2019, at which point they will be bundled and sold as a full pattern.

12" block


Visit the rest of the bloggers to see their variation to the block and grab a couple extra free patterns while you're at it.

Joanne of Quilts By Joanne


This month's sponsor is Island Batik. Entering the Link up at the end of the month (April 23 - April 30) will give you a chance to win a Fat Eighth bundle of their beautiful line, Pumpkin Patch.

Beautiful, scrumptious, glorious, all of the above? However you choose to describe it, you will have a chance to win it at the end of the month. Don't forget to share your April Orange makes with #2018MonthlyColorChallenge so others can enjoy your work.

Grand Prize

Plus, each month you enter the link up gives you an entry for the Grand Prize.

Jen at Dizzy Quilter is providing the grand prize! 

For every month you enter the link up, you get an entry for the grand prize.

The generous prize provided is you will get your top quilted by her (up to 90" x 90"),  a $202.50 value!

You must provide the backing, 8" longer than width and length. Batting can be purchased from Jen, for $20, if you like.

Return shipping is included for US residents only.
**Please note, the quilt will not be trimmed or bound, those services are extra**

Piecing Hints

When choosing fabrics where you need light, medium and dark I find it helps to photograph them and then change it to black and white.

You can easily see the value of each pile when you convert to black and white.

Always remember you can use the wrong side of a fabric, too. It doesn't always work for each fabric, but these two pieces are the same fabric, the lighter one is the wrong side of the darker one.

For this block we need to have our quarter units the same all the way around, that means we can't sew up a bunch and cut on drawn lines, we need to cut triangles first.

After you make your first cut, leave the square where it is, and make the second cut. The less you move your pieces, the more accurate your cuts are.

When starting to sew a triangle, I always start with my needle in the fabric, not on the edge. This gives the presser foot and feed dogs a chance to grab the fabric, and should keep the fabric from getting pulled down into your machine.

At the other end of the triangle, I hold the corner and stitch slowly so that the fabric doesn't pull off to the side. This helps keep my seams straight and means I won't get wonky points.

Make sure you note which color goes where, and line up your triangles correctly. Taking an extra moment to double check can help cut down your quality time with Jack!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I can not download the pattern. Nothing happens when I click on here

    1. Good morning! The link has been fixed, sorry for any inconvenience, I hope you enjoy it!

  2. Jen - great block again!!! Thanks for hosting this awesome QAL

    PS your link for this month isn't a link :P

  3. What a happy colored block. Another great addition to your BOM.


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