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The Border Quilt Quilt Along Fabric Prep

If you are here for the start of the Quilt Along, you're a bit early. :)  We had a schedule change, you can read about it HERE.

Get all the information on the Quilt Along HERE. We have a special treat going on right now, an interview with each of the bloggers, the photographer, quilter and fabric designer, each week until the start of the quilt along. Find the interview schedule HERE.

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Today we'll go over fabric prep. If you are using Enchanted Forest from Northcott, or any other flannel, please DO NOT wash the fabric. If you are a firm believer in washing first you will need to purchase more fabric. The flannel shrinks enough that you may struggle to get enough cuts from each piece.

This piece was 44" before washing, as you can see it is now only 40" wide. As long as you are using flannel throughout, and not mixing with quilting cotton, it will all shrink evenly when quilted.

I washed and dried all of my Enchanted Forest before discovering this fact. Dried it wrinkles a bit, just like quilting cotton, and I may not be the best at remembering to get things out of the dryer before the wrinkles set in.

If the wrinkles are really bad I will spritz with water first, but usually I just use Best Press. There are many versions and recipes for starch. I choose to use Best Press, because I don't want to worry about mixing up the right amount, or taking the time to do it. It is worth it to me to have it already done. Your preferred method is just fine, use what you love!

For greater accuracy, make sure you are also pressing that selvage flat. When lining them up for the first straightening cut, it's important to be able to see the selvage line up.

Once you have pressed your fabric fold it up nicely.

Wrinkles can come back, even when your pieces are folded nicely.

When your fabric is already starched, giving it a quick press with a hot iron takes the wrinkles right out.

For accurate cutting tips go HERE.

We're almost ready for the quilt along to begin! Keep up with the interviews for the next few weeks and get ready to start The Border Quilt Quilt Along September 12!

Happy Stitching!

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