Monday, September 3, 2018

Border Quilt Quilt Along with Hilltop Designs

For the weeks leading up to the Quilt Along, which now starts September 12, there will be a quilty interview with bloggers participating in the quilt along. The fabric designer, quilter and the photographer of the Enchanted Forest version will be interviewed as well. You can look for a new interview every Monday and Thursday now until September 10th. Find all the information for the quilt along HERE.

So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine depending on the time of day in your area and lets get to know Hilltop Designs, designer of Enchanted Forest for Northcott Fabrics.

PBJ:  How long have you been designing fabric lines?

Hilltop Designs:  Designing fabric for at least ten years.

 PBJ: Was designing fabric a goal or something that happened unexpectedly?

Hilltop Designs: It was not a goal, my agent sent my art library around and several designs were quickly picked up. 

PBJ: Are you a quilter and use your fabric lines, or do you design and let the rest of the world enjoy and play with your work? 

Hilltop Designs: Am not a quilter, I do the latter.

PBJ: Do you keep a sample of each fabric from each line?  

Hilltop Designs: Yes, I like to keep a record of the collections.

PBJ: What inspired Enchanted Forest? The colors and/or the animals you chose?

Hilltop Designs: I love the look of an “Old World “ Santa, and I thought the addition of forest animals would make a nice grouping. 

 PBJ: Did you plan on using flannel from the start?

Hilltop Designs: No, I let Northcott pick the type of fabrics they printed them on.

 PBJ: I know we’re not supposed to have favorites, but do you have a favorite from this line? 

Hilltop Designs: I like all of them, together they are wonderful.

PBJ: Did you choose the name Enchanted Forest? What led to that choice?

Hilltop Designs:  No, Northcott chose the name.

PBJ: You are taking a quilting cruise, who’s your teacher?

Hilltop Designs: My husband and any family members who are able to join me.

Interview Schedule

July 27 - Nancy - Masterpiece Quilting
July 30 - Vicki - My Creative Corner3
Aug 2 - Becca - Pretty Piney
Aug 6 - Kate - Seams Like A Dream
Aug 9 - Terri - Lizard Creek Quilting
Aug 13 - Joanne - Quilts By Joanne
Aug 16 - Marija - Mara Quilt Designs
Aug 20 - Alison - Little Bunny Quilts
Aug 23 - Stephanie - Quilt'n' Party
Aug 27 - Daphne - Daphne Greig
Aug 30 - Tara - The Quilt District
Sept 6 - Tracy (quilter) - Fabrics Plus
Sept 10 - Kelly (photographer) - Handmade Boy
Sept 12 - Quilt along begins!

I hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit about Hilltop Designs. If you have any questions for her, please put them in the comments, with an email address if your settings are set for no reply, and I will make sure she sees them. I hope you follow her and give her some quilty love!

Happy Stitching!

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