Friday, February 1, 2019

February Color Challenge - Pink

Welcome to February's Monthly Color Challenge!

If you are new to the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge you can hop over quick to read through the introduction and also see the colors coming up in the months ahead.

This month you are digging through your stash for pink. A few of my favorite pinks: pink carnations, pink Starburst, pink bubblegum, pink nail polish and of course pink flamingos!

Are you a beginner? For this months block these posts may be helpful:

For a full ensemble of my tips for beginners see the Beginners Unite page.

For this months block you will need:

Rotary cutter
Marking pen/pencil

Specialty rulers that are NOT required, but helpful:

A great group of bloggers will be joining us throughout the year. February's bloggers are:

Catherine - Ali and CC

Make sure you visit their blogs, see their beautiful blocks and maybe even get some tips.

Piecing tips

While the Tucker Trimmer isn't required I wanted to show you a picture of it on the hourglass units we are trimming. You can see how there are diagonal lines going both directions to help square up those units perfectly, without a lot of extra lines.

In the February block instructions is a how to video on making the entire February block. In there I mention how my corner seams don't nest together, but if you take a moment to turn the blocks (making sure you don't lose the pattern) you can get it so that all the seams nest. It is my recommendation that you play around until you get those, because that will give you the points coming together in the middle, unlike the block in the video. Ha!

I never trim my blocks, but if you are a trimmer I recommend waiting until all of your blocks are pieced and then finding trimming them all at once. Your goal is 12 1/2" unfinished blocks. I don't trim because I don't want to lose my points and since we make the units that makeup the block larger and trim them down, you should be fairly close to the correct size. If you are off 1/8 of an inch or less I really discourage trimming. If you are off 1/4 of an inch then instead of trimming I would suggest taking a look at your seam allowance and cutting, because trimming will definitely cause you to lose the look of the block.

Ready for your free February Monthly Color Challenge block? Find it HERE. Remember there is a change this year and the block is available for free only through February 28th. Use #2019monthlycolorchallenge on social media so we can see your blocks.

**NEW** Each months set of instructions comes with a full video tutorial!

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This will not give you January or February's block, you still need to go to Payhip and download those, but from this point on it will come directly to your inbox on the first of each month.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. So pretty! I am going to go make my block today!

  2. Jen, all the helpful posts links go to the 'Beginners Unite! Accurate cutting' page.


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