Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Picked By Jen - Buttercup Bag

It's been a while since I've written a Picked By Jen post. The Buttercup Bag from Made By Rae is the perfect make to start with. I LOVE this pattern.

So much so that I made it a second time after my first one became....ummmm....embarrassingly over used? That's the *same* fabric, too. I used this poor thing to it's last breath, I hadn't realized it has faded that much. Woah!

This purse though! It makes me so happy! I used the small pattern, because after 12 years of carrying a diaper bag I said "No More!" A small purse is all I've carried for the last 12 years. It does come in a larger version though if you need to be able to carry more.

Flamingo key chain made by my good friend Kelly of Handmade Boy.

This pattern is FREE when you sign up for Made By Rae's newsletter. I found this out when I had to go find it to print off a few missing pieces. I happily signed up for the newsletter, because seriously, this pattern is worth it.

I reused the metal snaps from the old purse, since that one is obviously not going to be used again. I chose this adorable polka dot fabric for the inside. I always use a light fabric on the inside of bags to make it easier to find whatever may be inside. Confession, even though this is the small version, I am able to fit way too much in there and lose it.

Now I need your help! I need to remake my wallet so it doesn't feel bad about being embaressingly overused as well.

It was a gift and I need to remake it, probably in flamingo fabric, the one thing I hoard. ;) Anyone know what the pattern is??!! Please!

It's very sad now. Hahahaha 

Get your pattern, I would love to see your Picked By Jen makes!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Nice bag. I am going to go look. crafty Gemini has some wallet patterns, and sewsweetness has a few on you tube.


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