Wednesday, January 15, 2020

2019 Color Challenge Quilt Party

I am so excited to share with you some of the pieced tops from the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge.

Fellow quilters worked hard all year making their blocks and then putting them into a quilt top.

I've really enjoyed seeing the blocks and then the quilts come together. You can find all of the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge information in THIS POST.  It has links to each block as well as the setting offered for Color Challenge.

First we have a few bloggers to share.

Joanne's quilts are well worth a trip over to her blog "Everyone Deserves a Quilt."

Sarah shows you how to make a quilt top out of blocks of mismatched sizes. So cool! See it HERE.

Willow of Bear Paw Stitch and Desgin made a simple sashing that really makes the 2019 blocks stand out.

Debbie, MI used Quilt As You Go to do her Monthly Color Challenge. What a great way to finish a quilt like this!

Hannah, WA added such a fabulous scrappy border to hers, the added black makes those blocks pop!

Lisa found a great fabric in her stash to use as sashing. You know I love that she used her stash!

Rita made two of each block (switching the use of dark and light in each block), then added her own block to the center for a great size.

Rosanne's quilt used the colors from the the block as posts in her sashing. See more HERE.

Tina switched it up and put her blocks on point. What a difference it makes in the look of the quilt.

Anja's quilt is such a simple pieced quilt. Her blocks work so well together yet each one is individually special.

Koreen's quilt is another that the blocks are sewn together without a sashing, but they come together so well, they don't really need the sashing.

Kathleen of Kathleen McMusing used Island Batik fabrics for her quilt top. Batiks give her quilt such depth.

I love how each quilt is it's own quilt, even though the blocks are the same. If you loved these as much as I do, and want to make your own the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge has just begun. Find the January post HERE.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Wow...they all look so different. I always say, quilting is amazing because a bunch of people can start with the same pattern but end up with a totally different finish due to fabric and colour choices. I love the variety of sashing options.

  2. It's so great seeing the collection of quilt tops! Great job everyone and thank you so much for hosting a fantastic quilt along, Jen!

  3. This was so much fun, and I love all the different layouts! Thanks to all the bloggers for sharing their talents; and a special thanks to Jen for organizing the awesome project. 😊

  4. Amazing quilts!! I love how each quilter puts her own twist to the pattern!

  5. I love seeing all of them! It is a fun project and a great way to use scraps, although I am not using scraps this year!

  6. How fun to see all the variations. I'm still pondering how to finish mine; I really like the black/white checked look though. Just haven't had time to work on it since I have a few deadlines looming. It's on my list to finish though!

  7. They are all so amazing! I am working on my checked sashing, but haven't been able to get as far as cutting the strip sets, so lots of stitching left before I'm done! I love the way it looks and am excited to finish this one.


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