Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Spinning Bow Ties Quilt Along - Piecing the top

Did you get all of  your blocks pieced?

I think these go together pretty quickly and make an easy top to piece, so lets get to it!

I don't have a design wall, between the cats and the kiddos there's not a safe wall to be found, ☺ so I just use the floor. Please note that the floor I use is also the floor in my child care. It's not pretty, but we're not replacing it any time soon either. Ha.

When laying out your blocks that you are rotating them. This gives you the "spinning bow ties" look. I recommend taking a picture, before you sew, to check that your layout is correct.

If you are not sure that you will be able to sew your top right away, mark your rows. I use pieces of paper with number written on them. I pin them in the middle of the block because I don't want to have to remove them to stitch the rows together.

Once you've marked your rows, if you aren't going to sew them together start making your stacks.

After I have made the stacks I just put them in a pile with number one on top. When I'm ready to sew I start with the first stack. Stitch, follow pressing instructions, then move on to stack two.

Tips for piecing blocks into rows

Pin the "sashing" seams to keep them lined up.

If you pressed your HST units in the same direction they will nest up to make a great point.

They should just lie nicely together.

Tips for piecing the rows

Once all of my rows are stitched I lay them out again. When I'm sewing the rows together I first sew the top two rows, and the bottom two rows. In the picture row 1 is flipped over row 2 and row 6 is flipped up over row 5.

Then I flip row 3 up over row 2 and row 4 down over row 5.

Last I flip the top half down over the bottom half. This helps to keep the bulk down are you stitch the rows togther. It also makes it easier to press as we sew the rows together.

Once you are done, step back and just enjoy your accomplishment. We'll add borders next week!

Happy Stitching!

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