Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Spinning Bow Ties Quilt Along - Block Construction

It's time to put the block together.

What did you think of the HST tips shared last week? Were they helpful? Is there anything I missed? I would love to hear in the comments. Now that we are done with the HST units we are ready to put our blocks together.

When the quilt pattern is made from one block I like to get all the pieces laid out to see how the block will look. That way I can also do a lot of chain piecing, which is my favorite way to piece blocks.

Using the Color 1 and 2 HST units and the Color 1 rectangle you can sew all of these together in one long chain. Make sure you double check the layout of the HST units. Press towards the rectangle.

Next add the Color 3 and Color 4 HST units. 

The "sashing" is next. To chain piece these simply use all of the squares and half of the Color 2 rectangles. Press towards the rectangle.

Add the second rectangle.

Sew your rows together. Pin the seams and sew with the row of HST units on top.

Doing so means you can see where the points are and can make sure to sew so that you don't lose that point.

That's it! Your block is done. The awesome part of making a quilt with just one block is that you can chain piece all of these steps and end with an amazing group of  blocks ready to be put into a quilt top.

Next week we are putting our quilt top together! See you then!

Happy Stitching!

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