Monday, December 16, 2019

Announcing the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge!

Welcome to year THREE of the Monthly Color Challenge!

There is so much to be excited for this year, and I will try to keep the exclamation points to a dull roar, but I think year three is going to be better than ever! There are over 30 bloggers joining the Color Challenge this year and over 15 sponsors. Yes, that's right, sponsors, which means prizes are back! Who's ready to get into the nitty gritty?

This year's color inspiration is "Birds." This is going to have us diving deep into our fabric stash! I've added a few colors we haven't used in the past, but don't start throwing bird poop at me, what good is a stash diving challenge if we use the same colors every year?

2020 Monthly Colors

January - Finch (yellow)
February - Indigo Bunting (aqua)
March - Oriole (orange)
April - Honey Creeper (purple)
May - Budgerigar (green)
June - Blue Bird (blue)
July -American Robin (rust)
August - Flamingo (pink)
September - Cinnamon Teal (cinnamon)
October - Ruby-crowned Kinglet (olive)
November - Buff-breasted Sandpiper (buff)
December - Cardinal (red)

How much fabric do I need?

The general rule is a fat quarter of light and a fat quarter of dark will be enough. If you are using scraps the longest strip you will need is 19" and the largest piece you will need is a 7 1/2" square.

This year includes the option to have all the same background, instead of using the lighter color for that month. Download the file HERE.

Blocks are available for free during the month. After the month has passed blocks are available for $1.

Do I *have* to use my stash?

No. If you want to go purchase some new fabrics to play with you are more than welcome to. *I* do, because I don't keep a stash. There may be colors you really don't have, maybe they aren't your favorite to work with, maybe the ARE your favorite, so they get used all the time and your stash is low on the color.

I'm a total beginner, should I even try?

Definitely! This is the perfect time to join! Each block is beginner friends AND comes with a "how-to" video linked right in the instructions.  The Quilt and Learn with Patterns By Jen Facebook group is full of helpful quilters, too, so make sure you join and ask any questions you may have.

To get started I recommend you check out the link to Beginners Unite. A post that has great information and "how-tos" for beginners.

What supplies do I need?

You will need all the pretty fabric colors listed above, a cutting mat, rotary cutter, rulers, fabric marking tool, pins, and an iron.

We will be making half-square triangles (HST), Flying Geese (FG), Square in a Square (SIS) blocks as well as some tradition four patch units. I like these specialty rulers for trimming these blocks. They are NOT required, but they definitely make trimming a little faster/easier.

Tucker Trimmer for HST
Wing Clipper for FG
Square Squared2 for SIS

You can find these in my Etsy shop HERE.

***Now through December 31,2019***
Receive FREE SHIPPING on any ruler with code 2020MCC

To have the block sent directly to your email sign up HERE.

NOTE: Even if you signed up for emails for 2019, you will still need to sign up for the 2020 emails this year.

Start looking through your stash then come back for:

Meet the bloggers! December 18th.

Meet the sponsors! December 20th.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I really enjoyed the 2019 color challenge. Scary that I was able to find everything I needed in my stash :-) Looking forward to 2020.
    Thanks Jen!

  2. Signed up!! Looking forward to another year!! Than you Jen!!

  3. This going to be a fun year, Jen! And birds! Yay - we are big into birds in our family :-)

  4. Loving the colors this year, Jen! We are going to have a blast!

  5. Enjoyed 2019 and looking forward to another year! Yay!

  6. Signed up again this year. Loved 2019's blocks.Thank you for offering this FREE BOM.

  7. Hi Jen! Roseanne just posted about your 2020 monthly color challenge. I blog over @ It’s a T-Sweets Day! It looks like I might be too late to join the fun this next year, but I hope not. If you still have room, I would love to QAL ❤️❤️ Tracy @

  8. Added to my 2020 quilt along list at Sounds like this will be fun!! Nana K.

  9. I loved 2018 and need to finish that quilt, but am excited by the 2020 Birds so I'm joining in again.

  10. i just found your qal, i'm so excited to join you for this year, thank you

  11. Where do we find sizes for the block?

  12. Can newbies to this challenge sign up now? I just decided to do the challenge and made my first block today!!!

  13. I have my yellow and white blocks made and look forward to February.Thanks for the great pictures of the birds.

  14. Some how I think this is a QAL, and I thought it was a swap... I think I get the gest... you post a Block go make with the color. (Does it have to be solid?) then we use ou the block. And then post a picture??
    What else is there? Please comment to

  15. Gah I missed uploading my picture for March.

  16. OK call me crazy, but I can't find the actual April pattern in all of those links listed. Can someone PLEASE help me figure out where to go to get the actual pattern for April?

  17. I hate to be such a pain. I finally found Jan-April block patterns and the background cutting information. I am still having trouble finding May block pattern.

  18. I have just found this and I am wondering if I am too late to join this. I am very new to quilting and patchwork but I am really enjoying th learning process!

    1. Julia, I can't respond to your email. You are not too late. You can find all of the blocks for 2020 (as well as previous years) in the Payhip shop:

      The tabs at the top will bring you directly to the set of blocks you are looking for.

  19. Seeing that i now found you i would start with the October block so happy for the Morrison Tour it has opened a world for me totally overwhelming. This is right up my alley cause i love birds so this project caught my heart.

  20. Just joined 2020. Sorry I was unaware of this project. It would have been great to do while (p) staying at home by 'Rona.
    I will look over the previous blocks and maybe purchase some to do for fun.

  21. Hi Jen -
    I'm looking for the setting for the 2020 quilt. Point me in the right direction please. Thanks!!


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