Wednesday, April 1, 2020

April 2020 Monthly Color Challenge

It's April and it's time to add a new unit to our quilting, the Square in a Square!

This year our Color Challenge has gone to the birds! Inspired by their gracious flight, unique and sometimes vibrant color, I chose birds to guide us in our challenge this year. To see the full year in preview read the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge Announcement.

Our bird inspiration for April is the Purple Honeycreeper.

A little information on our pretty Purple Honeycreeper from Wikipedia.

The purple honeycreeper (Cyanerpes caeruleus) is a small bird in the tanager family. It is found in the tropical New World from Colombia and Venezuela south to Brazil, and on Trinidad

The purple honeycreeper is 4.5 in (11.5 cm) long, weighs 0.42 oz (12 g) and has a long black decurved bill. The male is purple with black wings, tail and belly, and bright yellow legs. Females and immatures have green upperparts, and green-streaked yellowish-buff underparts. The throat is cinnamon, and there is a blue moustachial stripe. The call of purple honeycreeper is a thin high-pitched zree.

 It feeds on nectar (particularly from bromeliad and similar flowers, to which its bill shape is adapted), berries and insects, mainly in the canopy

 The female purple honeycreeper builds a small cup nest in a tree, and incubates the clutch of two brown-blotched white eggs.

Ready for the third block in the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge?

This block uses three different quilt units to make a simple statement.

This year I am offering instructions for making the background the same throughout with a neutral. You can download the yardage amount and instructions HERE.

April Color Challenge Bloggers

Roseanne - Home Sewn By Us

Quarter 2 Sponsors

Have you heard?! We have sponsors for the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge! Meet all of them in THIS POST! 

Prizes will be given quarterly: April 1, July 1, Oct 1 and January 1 2021. To enter you must link up your block at the end of the month. Each month you enter gives you a chance to win. If you miss one month, don't despair, you can still enter the other months for a chance.I would truly appreciate if you would let these amazing sponsors know our appreciation in the comments below and/or on their social media pages.

Sponsors April thru June

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Island Batik - Garden Party Fat Quarter Bundle
Patterns By Jen -  PDF pattern and Superior Thread S - Fine 50

I would truly appreciate if you would let these amazing sponsors know our appreciation in the comments below and/or on their social media pages.

Helpful links and tips

New this month is the Square in a Square unit. Trimming the Suare in a Square unit is shown in the video, but if you prefer step by step instructions, instead of video, follow these links for all of the units used in the block:

You can find more helpful links in the Beginners Unite post.

Are you ready to get your block instructions? Remember if you want to get the block sent directly to your email you need to sign up HERE. This will NOT give you past blocks, including this month's. You will have to go to the Payhip shop to get past blocks. You need to sign up even if you received the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge in your email.  On the first of each month you will receive the block instructions in your email. Please make sure to add jen(at)patternsbyjen(dot)com to your email address book. If you don't see it in your email sometime during the 1st/2nd, make sure you check your spam and promo files.

Now it's time! Follow the Payhip Link to the April block and get stitching!

Thank you so much for sewing along with me and the amazing 2020 Monthly Color Challenge Bloggers!

Happy Stitching!

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2020 Monthly Color Challenge

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  1. Your fabric choices are beautiful! :-)

  2. Hi Jen! Such pretty fabrics you chose for this fourth block (you said third block in your post) for the year. I am doing my block with a black setting but your block with white looks so crisp and perfect. I don't know which purple fabric I like more - the linen-look is fab but so is the swirly pattern. Thanks for hosting us. Stay healthy and safe. ~smile~ Roseanne


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