Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Introducing Braided Chain!

Braided Chain is the newest pattern from Patterns By Jen, but it was a long time in coming.

Braided Chain was sent to the testers over a year ago, it may even be two years now. Once the testers had gotten their quilt tops together I realized it wasn't really what I wanted. It just wasn't "right."

I put it on the back burner and moved forward with other patterns, but it finally made it back into the testing line up in February. This is what I envisioned.

To quilt the above quilt I used my walking foot and matched the thread for each color column. Then simply did a straight stitch following the column.

With instructions for 5 different sizes you are sure to find the perfect size. The trouble will be deciding what colors you want to use. You may have to make multiple quilts. *wink*

Braided Chain 41" x 45"

I also used my walking foot to quilt the second version of Braided Chain. This time I used the wavy stitch on my machine. I chose to match the thread with the teal fabric. I "eyeballed" the lines to make the quilting go faster, so they are not evenly spaced, but I think it turned out nicely.

Braided Chain Tips

The hardest part of this pattern is getting those points and corners to match. You can get 20 in a row perfect and then the next 5 are "off." You can see in the above picture that I left the "off" ones alone. If they are 1/8" or less I would encourage you to let them be. Once quilted, washed and used you won't notice them.

When picking out color, if you are planning on a gradation of the pattern, make sure there is enough difference in value. If you can, check your colors in natural light. My first run of the quilt (shown below) did not work because the values were too close.

Tester Quilts

Lets look at the tester quilts!

If you are a quilter you have probably experienced taking quilt pictures on a windy day. Yes? Sometimes you get the shot...

...and sometimes the wind wins. Sherry's quilt is the real winner though with it's gradient purples and patient holder.

Kathy's quilt is even more purpley splendor for you to enjoy. Her Braided Chains will truly wrap someone up in warm goodness when it's quilted.

Fawn made the 90" square quilt, and took on the challenge of a rainbow wrapping around the quilt. She nailed it, and though she had to do some ripping in the end (we all have a love hate relationship with our seam ripper), I think she loves it.

Braided Chain Details

Sizes: 41" x 45" , 54" square, 68" x 72", 81" square, 95" x 99"

Currently available only as a PDF.

Rainbow quilt is made using batiks.

Green and black quilt is made using Moda Grunge.

Both are quilted using my Lily 555 Husqvarna and a walking foot.

Quilted with Gutermann thread.

**Coloring sheet included**

Buy it - on sale through April 28th



I'd love to hear your thoughts on the new pattern, tell me what you think in the comments!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. The pattern is beautiful! This one will definitely be on my list! Thank you!

  2. These are all beautiful and so different.

  3. This pattern is so much fun! It is a perfect one for many young people - in their favorite colors!

  4. This pattern is really beautiful.but all these points that need to match, it must be a real contract

  5. Love this so much. SNAP to the rainbow �� one. Each has its own personality and as we play with our own fabrics we will bring forth new personalities of our own.

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  7. I love your blue, green, purple version Jen!

  8. I love and purchased, but I can't find the .pdf pattern. Where do I find? I have a receipt for the pattern from paypal purchased through etsy.


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