Monday, June 1, 2020

June 2020 Monthly Color Challenge

It's June and that means we are half way through the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge.

I don't know about you, but I'm so ready for summer. We are officially done with school and that means we can have late nights during the week sitting around the fire pit eating S'mores and laughing. In the morning I get to sit with my coffee and listen to our resident Cardinal wake up the world. Inspired by their gracious flight, unique and sometimes vibrant color, I chose birds to guide us in our challenge this year. To see the full year in preview read the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge Announcement.

Photo by Joshua Coville

For June though we are going to enjoy the petite Blue Bird, but more specifically the Mountain Blue Bird, becuase that's the one I think of. ☺

Some information from All About Birds about our pretty Blue Bird.

"You may spot these cavity-nesters flitting between perches in mountain meadows, in burned or cut-over areas, or where prairie meets forest—especially in places where people have provided nest boxes."

"They sit in the open on perches such as treetops, fence posts, and power lines. In summer in rural areas and ranches, particularly at higher elevations, you can often find them simply by driving rural roads and eyeballing such potential perches."

"A female Mountain Bluebird pays more attention to good nest sites than to attractive males. She chooses her mate solely on the basis of the location and quality of the nesting cavity he offers her—disregarding his attributes as a singer, a flier, or a looker."

Click on the link above for more fun facts.

Now it's time for our beautiful blue block.

The instructions include a link to a How To video, but if you like pictures better you might find this post helpful. It's for the Spinning Bow Ties Quilt Along, but has some helpful tips.

This year I am offering instructions for making the background the same throughout with a neutral. You can download the yardage amount and instructions HERE.

June Bloggers

Quarter 2 Sponsors

Have you heard?! We have sponsors for the 2020 Monthly Color Challenge! Meet all of them in THIS POST! 

Prizes will be given quarterly: April 1, July 1, Oct 1 and January 1 2021. To enter you must link up your block at the end of the month. Each month you enter gives you a chance to win. If you miss one month, don't despair, you can still enter the other months for a chance.I would truly appreciate if you would let these amazing sponsors know our appreciation in the comments below and/or on their social media pages.

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I would truly appreciate if you would let these amazing sponsors know our appreciation in the comments below and/or on their social media pages.

Now it's time! Follow the Payhip Link to the June block and get stitching!

Thank you so much for sewing along with me and the amazing 2020 Monthly Color Challenge Bloggers!

Happy Stitching!

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2020 Monthly Color Challenge

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  1. Nice post, Jen, and I think the block will be a fun one this month! So grateful to all of the sponsors for helping out with this block of the month!

  2. Wonderful block this month. I love learning little facts about the birds, too. I am more aware of them then I was and while not a birder, I am often entertained by their antics!


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