Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Another look at Wild Blossoms

 It's always so much fun releasing a new pattern out into the wild. Fun and nerve wracking. You put a little bit of yourself out there every time.

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This time was an even bigger event as the release of Wild Blossoms was also a part of Pat Sloan's Morrison Park Fabric Tour. You'll want to click on that link if you missed my stop on the tour, there's a giveaway and it's still open!

When I ordered the fabrics for this quilt I messed up on the backing fabric. I ended up needing to piece the backing, but I love a pieced backing. Look for a tutorial on pieced backings soon, but first a look at how to figure out where those different colored blocks should go. That's coming up Oct 8.

When I first designed Wild Blossoms I colored it in blue and white and named it Snow Blooms.

Once made up in Pat's beautiful Morrison Park fabrics though, I needed a name change.

The blue really sets off "flower" or "snow flake" part of the quilt and I had to include it on the cover.

The quilt really is beginner friendly even though it may look like a more difficult pattern. The hardest part is keeping all of the pieces in the right order, but the instructions help with that as well.

Lets see the testers quilts!

Amber's pretty quilt in green and white makes me think of summer picnics.

Janice's quilt is sooo soft looking and I can see a small child snuggling in it.

Joanne's top was made up in the blue I originally designed it in and I think shows more of a snowflake center.

Melva went scrappy. I love that she does that, because I struggle with scrapy, but how great does it look scrappy?

How pretty is Nancy's quilt? It makes me think of the tropics.

Sandy switched around the colors so that dark fabric was the flower/snowflake and the cream was the background. Isn't it beautiful?

Sherra also made the largest size available. How gorgeous is this soft blue quilt? I would love to snuggle under this on a soon to be cold winter's night.

Quilt Details

56 x 76 Morrison Park Quilt

Fabrics - Morrison Park from Pat Sloan/Benartex

Batting - Wool

Quilting - Quilted on Bernard with an all over large stippling with a flower thrown in every now and then.

36" square

Fabrics - Blue and Cream from Andover Fabrics

Batting - Wool

Quilting - Quilted on Bernard with a large stippling pattern

Where to buy

You can purchase Wild Blossoms at a special introductory price through October 10th.

Etsy Digital

Etsy Printed (ships Oct 17)

Payhip Digital

When you make Wild Blossoms I hope you share! Use #wildblossomsquilt to be sure I see it.

Happy Stitching!

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