Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Against the Grain Quilt Along - Block Assembly

We're slowly making our way through the Against the Grain quilt along. It's block making time!

All of our pieces are coming together and now we get to make our blocks.

I chose to sew the Signature blocks with the rectangle strip on top, they were a bit larger than the strips. When you have a piece that is a bit longer than the one you are piecing it to, sewing with the longer piece on the bottom means the feed dogs will pull it through just a bit more and they will come out the same at the end.

If you have to sew with the Signature block on the bottom, make sure to find the seam.

Hold the seam down, all along the seam as you sew. You can see I'm holding it down from the side I'm sewing all the way to the top of the unit.

Once you have chain pieced all of your units double check that the seam didn't get turned. If it did, pick out just a couple of stitches to allow you to flip the seam the correct way, then re-stitch.

These blocks are easy to piece and chain piecing makes it easy AND fast.

After chain piecing, chain press. I leave my units stitched together and press. Once pressed I cut them apart. This saves on time.

When pinning the block rows together I pin as shown above, going from right to left, across the sewn seam.

I like to pin the end of the seam I'm sewing on so that they come together evenly.

I chain piece my blocks as well as the quilt units.

Pressing matters for the block so that you can nest those seams when you sew them together.

You're done!

Don't forget your accent blocks!

Make something Extraordinary!


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