Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Against the Grain Quilt Along - Strip Piecing

 It's time for one of my favorite quilting steps. Strip Piecing.

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For this step we are using the strips of Background and Color 1 fabrics. Since we are using long strips of fabric to start with there is a chance of bowing of our strips. Following are tips to keep that from happening.

The first step to sewing strip sets without bowing is rotating the stitching. If you are sewing two colors together like in the April Monthly Color Challenge block, sew with the same color strip on top.

If you are sewing multiple strips together, mark the end you started stitching on with a Wonder Clip or pin. This will help you remember which end you started on so you can rotate and start stitching on the other end for the next strip.

The next step is pressing. I highly recommend finger pressing your strip before coming back with a hot iron to press. Finger pressing gives you more control over the seam and keeps you from inadvertently stretching the fabric with the iron when pressing.

Once we are done sewing our strip sets it's time to trim off just a little bit off one end. This gives us a straight edge to work with as we start sub-cutting out units.

Rotate your trimmed strip and, using the seam lines and your ruler to keep your cuts straight, begin sub-cutting your strip sets.

With our Background and Color 2 squares make the number needed for your accent block. Then we will see you back here April 21 to assemble our blocks!

That's it! You are done with this step of the Against the Grain Quilt Along.

Here's a Youtube video showing my tips:

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