Tuesday, March 1, 2022

March 2022 Monthly Color Challenge

 It's March and time to get "spicy" again!

This month our color is inspired by the Pink Peppercorn. Sounds kind of exotic and fun doesn't it?

From AllRecipes:  "Contrary to what their name might tell you about them, pink peppercorns aren't *actually* a peppercorn. In reality, they are dried, berries from a tree. . . . The only reason that they're named as a peppercorn is because they are similar to peppercorns in shape and flavor — at the end of the day, these bright, tiny balls are nothing more than a humble berry."

Our block for March may resemble the shape of berries a bit, but that was only accidental. I am definitely NOT that organized! Ha! It's another simple block that should come together quickly, as long as we pay attention to the way we lay the signature blocks out.

March Bloggers

The bloggers will be sharing their favorite quilts made with the color of the month. Have you made a pink quilt?

Ready to get the pattern? Go to Payhip and download it now! The block is free for the month March! Each set of instructions includes a "How To" video, one for each size offered!

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It's too late to have the January thru March blocks emailed to you but you can download them from Payhip.

Make something Extraordinary!


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  1. After the February block that Jonathan helped with I can hardly wait to see how this one comes out! If only I could be a little fly on the wall over there at times! Hove a great week - Spring IS coming!


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