Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Quilt Studio Set Up 2022

 This post is a long time in coming and it's already an update on the new quilting studio that I never shared with you. It's photo heavy with photos that are not professional. This is me.

August 2021 I started painting and moving into an empty bedroom to use as my quilting studio. 

The bedroom has wood paneling and I painted it white to brighten the room, especially because it has one of those fake little basement windows that just pretends to let in sunlight.

After using it for 7 months, and isolating in it for a week while I had COVID, I knew it just wasn't quite right. This weekend I decided it was time to change it up. I started with emptying everything but the big stuff. HOW does all of this fit in such a small space?

I decided to go with my original plan 7 months ago. It was a bit of a puzzle to move these big pieces around, but with a push there and a shove here I did it.

This wall is the perfect spot for the cutting table. I have wanted to set it up here all along. Can't you just picture a pretty peg board on the wall full of all those fun rulers?

That meant I had to put my sewing desk in this corner. I don't know about you, but I hate having my back to the door, which means really only one way to set up an L-shaped desk.

Unfortunately, that didn't really leave enough space for using Carl comfortably.

I had to say goodbye to my cutting station placement dream (for now) and I switched the cutting table and sewing desk.

You'll see in the finished phots I changed the cutting table one more time, for some reason this set up felt too "closed."

If you have cats, you know.

Carl has one wall to himself, with a little space around him. I thought it would be nice to have a corner to keep batting, but this put Carl closer to the sewing desk and again made the space feel closed.

 Instead I moved Carl over and brought in a comfy chair.

Final set up, and it makes my hubby so happy that he doesn't have to move the tv to a different corner. Ha.

Did you notice there is not an ironing board? That's because I moved it into the laundry room right next to the bedroom. After my husbands scare with clots in January I wanted to make sure that I'm not just getting up and taking two steps to press, I wanted to move. Don't forget to get up and move quilters. 💜

Still left to do:

1) Hang peg boards for rulers and thread

2) Get cords put up and out of the way

3) Hang corner shelf under TV for Blue Ray player, etc

4) Hang art

5) Set up coffee station

How so you take care of all the cords? So. Many. Cords.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Looks great, Jen! DO you like having the ironing board in a different space? I wonder if if I would cheat on the ironing or get distracted by going to another space? It seems to be a much more functioning space for you, hooray!

  2. Thanks for sharing your experience. Looking good. It's a very real challenge to get our sewing rooms to work for us. I am slowly coming to realize that it is ever changing. I think I am getting close to what I need but still needs some tweaking. We won't tell your husband that you might have another rearranging in the future! LOL

  3. Thanks for sharing your process. I hope this works well for you. Another trick to make yourself get up and move is to set a timer. I give myself 45 mins to an hour of sitting, alarm goes off, then I have to get up and walk around, do a simple chore, bathroom break, etc. for at least 15 mins before I can sit back down. There are days when I am way more focused and productive when I use that timer.

  4. Command strips makes a cord holder. My local ace hardware has a whole wall of different types of command strips. Just love these. In fact, I have my rulers hung on the sides of my cutting table with command strips. No pegboard in my studio and not enough wall space for one. The other thing I like to do with cords is to use something to keep the excess cord coiled up. I like to use the heavy duty twist ties that come with electronics. I save these to use when I am corralling cords. Your new arrangement looks great!

  5. Mu cutting table is in a place that makes me get up and move, and I like that. Otherwise I forget to get up and move. I think you use your space for awhile with your ironing board where it is and see how you like it, then tweak the space. It will all work out. As for the cords I have no suggestions other than maybe cable ties. It looks like a great space to work, Jen!


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