Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Benartex Ambassador Challenge ~ Tote Bag

 Are you ready to see the first challenge for the 2023 Benartex Ambassadors?

First, I need to share: bag making is NOT my strong point. At. All. So I chose to focus on my piecing skills and then put it together in the hopes that it looks like a tote.

I love the cutting and piecing part of quilting. When I saw the gorgeous box of the basic solids line, Burlap, I really wanted to try and use them all.

That's a hard job for one tote bag. How would it be possible? A pixilated look came to mind, so I started drawing it out.

A truly pixilated look wasn't really possible, because I lost the "X" design in all the squares, but that's ok because I adore Half-square triangles.

There was a LOT of strip piecing involved in this tote. . .

lots. . .

more. . .

With all of these strips and squares, there was also a lot of pins involved. Bernard got quite the workout.

I chose to keep the front in neutrals so the Benartex "X" would stand out more.

The back, however, got ALL the color.

 I also used all the colors on the strap.

Once all of the piecing was done I used Pellon SF101 on the wrong side of the front, back and strap to give it a little more strength.

For the inside of the strap I used a solid blue, and on the inside of the tote I used the lighter purple. I like to use a lighter color in my bags so it's easier to see what's inside.

 The bag finishes at 18" x 19" and the strap is 3" x 36". The squares all finish at 1 inch.

Don't miss the other totes made from the Benartex Ambassadors. Each one is different and represents the designer so well.

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Benartex will have a post on their new blog on Wednesday, February 1st with all of the totes as well. They have a new Facebook group, Create, Inspire, Delight as well, make sure to join to see goodies made in their fabrics.

Do you like making bags? What is your favorite size to make? Let me know in the comments.

Let's make something Extraordinary!


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  1. Love this version, Jen. The greys on the front really make the logo stand out, and who could resist all the color on the other side!

  2. Love what you did with the burlap. Love the look and what beautiful colours too!

  3. Eek! 1" squares. I bow down to you, they're so perfect. It's a great design.

  4. I don't like making bags. Or clothes, or anything but quilts. It probably comes from years of having to make everything I wore, because I grew up poor. But I still have my love of fabric and making quilt blocks, mostly scrappy for the last 3 decades. There's some Scots in there somewhere that tells me a 1" x 2" piece of fabric is worth using. LOL

    Your bag, however, is gorgeous. I love what you did with the strap, and having it wider will undoubtedly make it an easier carry. I can imagine the bag filled with books!


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