Monday, July 13, 2015

The Great Granny Bag ~ Picked By Jen

Welcome to a new Picked By Jen! Today’s pick is The Great Granny Bag, from Emmaline Bags.

I love mine. This thing will hold everything, including the kitchen sink, but is still so stinking cute.

When I made my bag I combined all of my favorites; flamingos, polka dots, hand stitching and a great bag. It was quick and easy.

I use this bag to carry the pieces I’m sharing at my LQS (Local Quilt Shop), Fabrics Plus, during our Block of the Month Class.

 I also use it to carry quilts that I am binding. There is a great little pocked that is perfect for carrying thread, pins and scissors.

I just don’t think you can have enough bags, and I certainly need to make myself another one, or two or three.

I would love to see any of your finished Picked By Jen pieces. You can share them on my flickr page.

Piece In Joy!

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