Thursday, July 28, 2016

Meadow Mystery Quilt Along

Yes, you read correctly, I am joining another quilt along, but this one is a mystery. Oooooo

Cheryl over at Meadow Mist Designs has invited us to join in her Meadow Mystery, which will post on the first Thursday of each month. Her first post was earlier this month with fabric requirements, you can find that post here.

She also shared a post that has a kit available, as well as some other fabric suggestions, you can find that post here.

I chose to do the black and white with a pop, but purchased from my local shop. I did something different, for me, and went with batiks. If you know me your face should look like that emoji that has seen a ghost. Yeah. Crazy. 

These are not shown in the correct order, and no matter what my flash might say, it was not dark when I took this picture. 

I'm loving that green!

The next set of instructions comes out next week, you still have time to join in the fun!

Happy Stitching!


  1. Love your fabric pull! It should make a great quilt!

    1. Thank you, Sue, I'm excited to see how it comes together.

  2. I love your color choices. That white batik on top is wonderful.
    I am still rethinking my fabrics. I think I will be all wishy-washy on it until that first set of instructions hits, then I will see what mood I am in that day. :)

    1. Jen, I'm actually really proud of myself for being so far ahead, hahaha! It's so hard to choose fabrics for a mystery quilt, but I love these, so I hope it all comes together smoothly.


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