Wednesday, July 13, 2016

June Picked By Jen

Remember when I said June was busy? It was so busy, I forgot about the Picked By Jen post! Which actually works out, because I can do two Picked By Jen posts in a week, and they match. So cute! The first one is for a sewing machine cover. I chose the tutorial from Purls and Pleats.

There are many, many tutorials out there, but I wanted simple. That's kind of my theme, simple, easy, quick. 

Marrie, does a great job walking you through the steps of this sewing machine cover. I did add a touch of my own, because, well, I could. Ha! So can you!

The first change I made, was that I hemmed all the pieces right away, before attaching them. There is no real reason for this, other then I didn't want to mess with the cover when it was put together. Lazy stitcher here. Its definitely a cleaner finish when you hem around the bottom last, though.

I pressed the hem before stitching, making it 3/8" wide, just so I could use my 1/4" foot and not have to worry about catching the fabric.

Who knew I had so many pinks to choose from for the top stitching?

Next, I chose some ribbon to go around the bottom part of the cover. Once hemmed, I measured and marked 2" from the bottom for my ribbon. I marked both sides and front and back.

Black ribbon or...


Don't forget to change your thread color!!! (There is even dust in there, this cover was needed yesterday!)

Lining up my ribbon along the marked line I stitched one end (look how I can use my foot as a guide, easy peasy).

Then flipped it around and stitched the top end. How you stitch this will just depend on the width of your ribbon. I could have just stitched once down the middle and been done with it.

I cut my ribbon about 1/8" longer then my pieces so that I could match them up when I sewed up the side seams.

Once the sides were stitched and my ribbons were matching perfectly, I trimmed the excess ribbon. If I was really truly lazy, I would have just left them, but I think it would have bothered me.

I was hoping to find a cute flamingo button to go on this, but I want it to be perfect, so I chose a sewing charm for now. Still extremly cute!

This is the one picture I took outside, it shows off the pretty pink flamingos much better. I think lighting needs to be next on my list, especially as we inch closer to cold winter days when we can't go outside.

If you are a flamingo lover, or fabric lover, head over to Phat Quarters and use the coupon code PBJ25, which is still good until the end of July, and receive 25% off orders of $20 or more.

Now I have my own, cute, totally flamingo sewing cover! Short and sweet.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Cute! Is the coating of dust a bad thing? Maybe my Bernina needs a cover, too.

    1. I think it's better not to have it. In this case, my sewing room is also my laundry room, it gets extremely dusty in there.

  2. So cute, Jen! I really should do something like that. Dust is not our friend.

    1. Thanks, Janice! It was so simple, and quick. I wondered why I hadn't done it before.


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