Saturday, July 16, 2016

July Picked By Jen ~ Thread catcher

I had to do it. It was time. Past time even. I had to make a thread catcher. I chose Man Sewing - with Rob Appell's Weighted Pin Cushion with Scrap Bag.

A quick and easy sew. I used my new favorite flamingo fabric, this time the fat quarter bundle, from Phat Quarters, as well as emery sand to fill the pin cushion. Y

I followed the instructions from Man Sewing, but I did add an extra piece to hold the emery sand. It's pretty fine, and I wanted an extra layer. 

It looks like a little pillow. Awwww.

I put this pillow into the pin cushion section when the walnut shells are added in the tutorial. 

It works perfectly. 

This was not a set up. My poor Owl You Need Sewing Buddy, found in this PBJ here, was in desperate need of saving. 

Where they should be.

Now I have a set, June's PBJ was the sewing machine tutorial, find out more here. My helpful little owl is all cleaned up and happy again, and only holding helpful tools, not clipped threads.

Find your flamingo fabric at Phat Quarters, and don't forget to use the code JPG25 to receive 25% off of orders $20 or more. This code is good through the end of July.

Happy Stitching!


  1. Jen, it turned out great! And I like your sewing buddy too!

  2. Oh you make me laugh! That sewing buddy is awesome but I agree he was overdue for some thread catching help. You did a great job and now your sewing space is so cute.


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