Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Finding Your Color ~ Part 2

There are so many places to find help in choosing colors. Last week I went over how I get help choosing my colors. This week I am going to give you other links for understanding color and pulling colors. 

The Art of Choosing Color  from In Color Order is an entire series that delves into colors and fabrics. Confession: I have just found this one, and I have had a chance to get through all of it, but I am totally hooked. 

Color Value in a Quilt from The Seasoned Homemaker is a post that has a few tips on finding value and it's importance in a quilt pattern. 

Working on a value chart.

Color Theory for Quilting from Sew Mama Sew delves a little more into other color decision, such as saturation and compliments.

Color Play Friday from Laurel Poppy and Pine is a post that comes out every Friday and multiple bloggers participate. They all get the same photo and need to do a fabric pull. It's interesting to see how each pull is different and how they each got there.

Choosing color for a quilt from Diary of a Quilter is another good article with a few extra links to follow.

Sometimes I use paint chips to pull colors at the fabric shop.

There are so many great posts and articles about color. If you have a favorite, please share in the comments.

Happy Stitching!

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