Friday, April 7, 2017

Flashback Friday to Pinwheel Pizzazz PBJ-101

I'm going to run a short Flashback Friday series introducing my patterns, starting at the beginning. There are nine patterns (soon to be more), hence the "short" series.

We will start with Pinwheel Pizzazz PBJ-101.

Here she is in the colors I drew and imagined her in. I still adore her, even though I know she looks a tish outdated.

I have to admit, though, that the smaller version I made for the back almost became my favorite. I love the soft colors.

Had I been a more confident quilter/designer, this would have been a great border to miter. I'm a little sad I didn't. However now I am adding a change to the pattern so that you can make a mitered border if you would like. Yay for growth!

To help show how awesome this could be, I made up a few mock ups in fabrics that are just being released. This first one is still definitely me, as I seem to choose softer, "steadier" colors. These fabrics are from the Helvetic Collection from Camelot Fabrics. These will be available in August, 2017.

This mock up is another soft aqua. Perfect for a new little one. The fabrics are pulled from here on Hawthorn Threads.

This border!  This fabric was made to be a mitered border. I just love the flowers. This fabric line is Indie Boheme from Art Gallery and should be available very soon. 

I hope you enjoyed this first Flashback Friday. The pattern sale ends today (April 8), but head over to get your paper or digital patterns for $5.



Don't forget to check out the free Muggamo patterns! Quick mug rugs available the 1st of the month all year long.

Happy Stitching!


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    1. Thank you! They make me want to just snuggle in with a good book. :)

    2. Yes, the soft tones are my favorite, too. It makes it look so cozy!


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