Thursday, April 27, 2017

This and That

Have you ever sat down to write a post and have it just snowball on you? The post that should have happened today has exploded into, what I think will be a fabulous series. However, that means that there is a big blank this week for blog posts. So lets do a This and That Thursday sort of post, shall we?

If you follow me on Instagram you caught a picture asking about how a white with some grey read. Once cut out, it definitely read white. So it was off to find something else. Then, horror of all horrors, I cut some fabric wrong, that pretty gold. )I cannot follow instructions for the life of me. That is why I have testers, because I honestly cut something wrong every time I make a sample of a pattern. Oy.)

So instead of the beautiful gold metallic, we have this gold batik. Still pretty, but I really liked that gold metallic. Please, please read your instructions. (Says the designer who never does.)

If you are at the Puducah Quilt Show don't forget to stop by Cherrywood Hand-dyed Fabrics' booth. They have the lap sized version of Softly Circled kitted and ready for you to take home!

If not for the quilt pattern, do it for the fabric. You will not be disappointed!!

If you haven't heard, Quiltmaker,s 100 Blocks is available May 2nd. There is a huge blog tour planned and it starts next week!  My day is Friday, but make sure you check out each blog throughout the entire week. 

Blog tour

Did you catch that? I am part of the blog hop, Why? I have my first block in the magazine!  Whoop whoop! Get ready for a great week, with lots of giveaways from the designers and fun blog posts. With a theme of "Block Tour Road Rally" how can it not be loads of fun?

Thanks for joining me for a This and That Thursday! 
Happy Stitching!

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