Tuesday, September 19, 2017

BU Quilt Along - Week 2

Week 2! Time to start stitching our blocks, starting with the center unit.

Did you get all of your pieces cut out?
It's a lot of cutting, but I like to get my pattern all cut out, then I can focus on the stitching part. This week we are simply making the center unit which is a snowball unit. It's pretty easy and we *just* need 30 of them. 

First mark the diagonal on the wrong side of your 1" squares. There are different ways to do it. 

I prefer to mark with a pencil.

You can use a laser, or draw lines on your machine like I did on my old machine. ( I don't know anything about the laser method, just that many quilters like it. If you have experience, please share in the comments!)

Or you can press them and get that diagonal line. I prefer pencil because it's a nice thin line and I am more accurate with it.

Once you have your lines drawn (I like to do them all at one time) line up one, right sides together, in a corner. Note the direction of the drawn line. Stitch just to the right of the line to get a nice accurate square in the end.

This is a great unit for chain piecing. Line them up and stitch on the line, one after the other. 

When done with the first square, do the same with another square on the opposite corner. You can press and trim after each one, but with this unit, I like to just get all four corners done and then press. (I also eat one food at a time on my plate. I'm special like that.)

Repeat with corners 3...

and 4.

Next, press the triangle out towards the corner. Do this for all of them, again I like to do opposite corners. Remember press, don't push or stretch,  the fabric. 

After all four corners have been pressed, trim 1/4" from the stitched line. 

Beautiful! You now have 30 center units for you blocks! Share your blocks on the Quilt and Learn with Patterns By Jen Facebook group.

Next week we will make the Flying Geese. Using the No Waste Method it is a quick and easy unit.

Happy Stitching!

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Beginners Unite Quilt Along Schedule

September 12 - Cutting (including fussy cutting the center)
September 19 - Center block - You are here
September 21 - Look at marking tools
September 26 - Flying Geese week 1
October 3 - Flying Geese week 2
October 10 - Half Square Triangles
October 17 - Corner Units
October 24 - Block Assembly
October 31 - Top Assembly
November 7 - Add borders
November 14 - Quilting and Binding


  1. Hi Jen,
    Your work is beautiful. What is the name and pattern or the fabric with flowers on them in this tutorial? It is really pretty. Thank you.

    1. Hi Anne, You are a no-reply guest, so I can't email you directly. I hope you get this!! The fabric is from Monaluna (and gorgeous to work with and in color) and is called Clover from their Haiku 2 line.

    2. Here's a direct link: https://monaluna.com/collections/haiku-2/products/clover-2


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