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Border Quilt Quilt Along - Star Border

Welcome to Week 3 of Patterns By Jen's
The Border Quilt Quilt Along!

This week we are making the star border and one background border.

A note about the star border, if following the pressing instructions you will want to stay away from direction prints. The blocks are rotated so that your seams nest. If you want to use directions fabrics you take an extra moment to figure out the best way to press your blocks for ease when putting them into rows.

If you are just finding us, there is plenty of time to grab your pattern and fabric and join in. With each border there is a two week time period to make the border before we start on the next. You can stop at any point for any size you quilt you like.

Grab your pattern!

Printed: The Border Quilt

Etsy Digital: The Border Quilt

Craftsy Digital: The Border Quilt

Payhip Digital: The Border Quilt

For inspiration see The Border Quilt tester quilts HERE. I am using Enchanted Forest generously provided by Northcott Fabrics. These gorgeous fabrics are in shops now! They are super soft and easy to work with.

***Please note! If you are using them for the quilt along, wait to wash them until you are done with the quilt, or buy extra fabric. Flannel shrinks more than quilting cotton.***

We're going to start off slow for the first few weeks as we get into the swing of the quilt along. We will be doing the center first, I will go over both versions, then a border every two weeks. This will hopefully give you time to work on them a little bit at a time if you need to, as well as get any questions answered. Don't worry about keeping up, this is supposed to be fun, so go at your own pace. Do try to make at least one block for each border as we go so you can ask any questions as they come up.

To get direct help, as well as opinions of others who are sewing along with us, join the Facebook group: Quilt and Learn with Patterns By Jen.

Quilt Along Schedule

July 18 - Intro post

Oct 10 - Star blocks with a background border

Oct 24 - Friendship stars with a background border

Nov 7 - Pinwheels with a background border

Nov 21 - Flying Geese

Dec 5 - Finishing touches

Let's Get Started!

Star Border

Normally my presser foot pressure is set at four, for this I turned the pressure down to 2. It seemed to help with pulling the thicker fabric through more evenly.

For instructions on the Flying Geese Units see THIS POST.

I like to chain piece my No Waste Flying Geese units.

Trim using the Wing Clipper from Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design. You can find them in my Etsy Shop. Or use any straight edge ruler.

I like to lay out my blocks and then piece.

With a thicker fabric like flannel, keeping an eye on the seams is important to keep them from flipping and adding more bulk.

Whenever possible sew with the Flying Geese Units on top so you can keep the points.

Finger press the seams before using the iron. This keeps the flannel from stretching when pressing.

To try and keep it in order of the pattern I laid my blocks out in the order they needed to be stitched.

Finger press those seams as well. When adding the star border I sewed with the background border on bottom as that was the one that seemed to want to stretch the most.

Add your background borders next, note width of border strips, press and rest! If this is the size you are stopping at, quilt and enjoy. Plus share, because I want to see your beauty!

If you share your progress on social media please tag Patterns By Jen and /or use #theborderquiltquiltalong. I can't wait to see your pieces!!!

If you are a blogger who is sewing along please fee free to grab and use this button.

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REMINDER!!  Take a moment to clean your machine! This was after just doing the stars and putting them on the quilt.

Here are the bloggers that participated in the Interview Session. Please take a moment to follow them and see their progress. Some will be posting right away, some will be posting during the two weeks between borders.

Becca - Pretty Piney
Joanne - Quilts By Joanne
 Marija - Mara Quilt Designs
Stephanie - Quilt'n' Party

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I'm really enjoying this quilt along. It's great to see everyone's progress.


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