Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Broken Panes Quilt Along - Assembling the top

The top is getting pieced together next.

You should have your sashing strips cut and ready to go. If you haven't yet, then go back to the Cutting post for a quick look at how to cut them correctly.

We want our sashing and block ends to match up when sewn, because we won't be trimming these. Pin your sashing to your blocks to make sure they are sewn evenly. Sew with the sashing on top. Follow the pressing arrows in the instruction.

When adding the next block, lay out your blocks to make sure they are all going the right direction.

When adding the sashing rows with posts, pin the sashing and post seams first, then pin the blocks.

Ready for borders!

Adding Borders

First we need add the side borders. Measure your top from top to bottom down the middle, and on the left and right. Take the average of those measurements, and that is the length you are going to cut your border strips.

Measuring your top before cutting your borders helps to keep your borders from getting wavy. We ALL hate wavy borders! As you can see above, instead of needing 1/2" for my border, I needed to adjust down to 1/4" for my cuts. Had I just cut was in the instructions I would have had an extra 1/4" inch of fabric in my border pieces. Measuring after your top is pieced means you can make up for any discrepancies that happen during piecing.

I also recommend sewing with the border on top. The feed dogs pull the bottom fabric through a little more than the presser foot on top, so it will also help to eat up any extra fabric you may have in your border.

If you are adding your borders by yourself, take a look at THIS POST on how to get the border strips added by yourself. Sew the borders on, press.

Now measure horizontally, middle and both sides and take the average. Cut your borders and add them to the top and bottom.

Your top is done! Next we're prepping for quilting!

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Next week we will go over strip piecing, sub-cutting, and how to plan for directional fabrics.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. That's how I figure out border sizes, but I'm amazed that many quilters don't know that technique. Now to decide on a quilting plan.


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