Saturday, May 4, 2019

Announcing the Broken Panes Quilt Along

Who is ready for a new quilt along?

I ran a poll in my Facebook group, Quilt and Learn with Patterns By Jen, asking for the month they preferred for a quilt along. There were two that were almost tied, June and October. We're going to jump right into June, but I'm planning a quilt along in October as well, so if June doesn't work for you, follow along virtually and then stitch along in October!

For June's quilt along we are using the pattern Broken Panes.

Oh I love this quilt. It's soooo quick and easy. This pattern is super beginner friendly, so if you have been wanting to learn or want to improve your piecing skills, this is the quilt along for you.

BONUS! Grab this coloring sheet to plan your colors!

I am using the Big Bang fabric line from Northcott for my version, but you can use any fabric you like.

I am always impressed with the fabric quality from Northcott Fabrics, so it's one of my go to fabric companies.

If you really like the fabric on the front cover, I used Christa Watson's first fabric line Modern Marks. I checked and she still has some listed in her shop! Find it HERE!

See it in Marshall, MN at Fabrics Plus

Broken Panes is perfect for showing off your favorite fabric, or the larger print fabrics in your stash. During the quilt along I will show you how to change the pattern from strip piecing so you can keep directional fabric accurately...directional. It was perfect for the Minnesota fabric from last year.

Helpful links

There will be helpful links throughout the quilt along, but a good beginning would be to take a look at the Beginners Unite Series.


The pattern: Broken Panes



You can also find it at Payhip.

Fabric (requirements shown below)

Cutting mat

Rotary cutter


24" long ruler for cutting strips

12 1/2" ruler for sub-cutting our strips (but not required)

I have had quilters cut with scissors and stitch by hand, so if that is your preferred method go for it!

Fabric Requirements

I'm making the 57" square. I am using the navy as my "red" and the yellow as my "blue"


Here is the plan for the quilt along. I've added a couple of weeks of sewing and then quilting at the end. I hope we can share our tops, quilted or not, August 13th!

May 14th - Fabric Prep
May 21st - Needles and Rotary Cutters
May 28th - Bobbins and Thread
June 4th - Cutting
June 11 - Sewing strips and sub - cutting
June 18 - Sewing week
June 25 - Sewing blocks together
July 2nd - Piecing top
July 9 - Quilting prep
July 16 - Sewing/basting week
July 23 - Quilting
July 30 - Finishing touches
August 13 - Some sort of quilt link up or something to show the finished tops (either fully pieced or fully quilted)

Joining in?

If you are stitching along with us I hope you share your progress! Use #brokenpanesquiltalong when you share on social media so I can see your work.

You are also invited to share in the Quilt and Learn with Patterns By Jen Facebook Page. We love to ooo and ahhh over your pretty work.

Feel free to grab a button to show you are Quilting with Jen!

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You can sign up to have email reminders sent directly to you for each new quilt along moment.

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Are you stitching along with me? What are you hoping to learn, or get, from this quilt along? Let me know in the comments! We've got a month to plan!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. Fabric pull done! All but one fabric was in my stash.

  2. I will be traveling the first 2 weeks of June. I wanted to go ahead and cut the fabric before I leave. The June cutting dates —Will you follow the cutting as it is in the pattern or will there be some alterations?

    Thanks — Beth Jones

    1. We will be following along with what is in the pattern, the only thing I will be adding is how to figure out how to cut directional fabric.


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