Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Broken Panes Quilt Along - Needles and Rotary Cutter

Prep week 2!

Last week we talked about fabric prep, today we're talking about needles and rotary cutters.


Quick question: When was the last time you changed your needle? If you can't remember then it's time to change it. I have found that a sharp needle can make all the difference in the accuracy of your stitching, but what size?

I use Organ needles size 70/10 (no affiliation).In the past I have used Schmetz quilting needles 80/20 or universal. I like the 70/10 size for piecing, especially batiks, as well as quilting.

I like to change my needle after a large quilt, two lap sized quilts, a few smaller quilts/projects or after quilting. As with all things quilting, everyone has their own personal preference and way of doing things. Choose what works for you.

For my needle storage I found this container (no affiliation). The spaces are adjustable and makes it easier to see the needles and if I'm running low. It also keeps my rotary blades handy.

Rotary Cutter

Can you guess what my next question is going to be?

When was the last time you changed your rotary cutter blade? If your cuts are sticking to each other a bit, change that blade. It can get frustrating trying to pick up your cut strips and having them stick and pull. A fresh blade makes the quilting experience so much more enjoyable.

I purchased these blades in October and so far I have had a great experience with them. (No affiliation.)

My go-to rotary cutter is from Olfa. I use the yellow for cutting fabric and use the pink for cutting paper. When the blades on the yellow one get dull I put them in the pink one. I requested the Martelli Rotary Cutter at Christmas, because my wrist is hurting when I do a lot of cutting. They have one for leftys, too! I still haven't had the courage to open it and try it.

Old blades get stored in a case marked old and needles (old and broken) get put in an empty prescription bottle. These go into a Sharps container when full.

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  1. I purchased a Martelli rotary cutter at the Quilt Show Reno last June. Don't wait any longer to open the package and use it. It was the BEST change I made. My wrist does not hurt at all after a long day of cutting. One of my best friends also purchased one and she also has little to no pain after cutting.

    1. I don't know why I'm hesitating. I will have to just bite the bullet and do it. Thanks for the encouragement!! :)


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