Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Broken Panes Quilt Along - Strip Piecing

This week we are sewing our strips and sub-cutting.

For the beginners among us my tip is to slow your stitching speed down to the slowest speed. I don't sew my strips at the highest, I use the medium speed. The faster you the sew the more wibbly, wobbly your stitching can get. We want it to be a nice straight seam allowance for the next step.

NOTE! If you are using directional fabric for one or more of your color choices, please skip to the "Directional Fabric" portion of this post. Do NOT sew the strips together if you using directional fabric if you want it to be facing the right way. If you aren't worried about the direction, then sew away!

Strip Piecing

Since we cut our strips WOF and didn't trim them down to size we aren't worried about the ends matching up, we will trim them next.

When pressing long strips I like to finger press first. This means I flip open my strip and press the fabric over, the same direction I would if using the iron, with my fingers. Doing this keeps the strip from bowing and gives you a nice straight strip to work with. After I have pressed the whole strip with y fingers I hit it with a hot iron.

Once our strips are sewn we are going to trim off one edge. Line up a mark from the ruler along the seam line.

Trim off just a bit to give a straight edge to work with.

Rotate your strip. Now, lining up the needed measurement on the ruler on the straight edge of the fabric you just cut, as well as on the seam, cut. Repeat.

Continue to sub-cut your strips until you have the number of units you need. Place them in your storage bin, we're ready to assemble the block next!

Directional Fabric

If you are using directional fabric then you will be cutting the strips into squares and rectangles before sewing. First read through Assembly Step 1 in your pattern to determine how many cuts you will need. For example, if I was making the smallest quilt and my directional fabric was for the "red" color, I would cut the number of units needed for that step for both the color strip and the background strip. Since the strips aren't sewn together you just need the width, not the length.

Next take a look at the diagrams that show which side the background strip will be on. For the red I would look at Assembly Step 4 and see that they would be sewn to the bottom of each red. After pressing towards the "red" I am done and they can go into our storage bin.

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  1. My pieces are all sewn and cut. And my blog post is up. I was surprised at how quickly things went. All ready for next week.

  2. I'm appreciate your writing skill. Please keep on working hard. Thanks for sharing.


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