Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Broken Panes Quilt Along - Block Assembly

Time to put our blocks together!

The great thing about big block quilts is how quickly they go together. First we're going to follow the instructions in the pattern for sewing our sub-cut units. Make sure you note the direction of the color blocks.

These strips need to match up with the units they are being sewn to, so unlike when we sewed the strips together for strip piecing, I suggest pinning the ends so one doesn't get pulled shorter or longer than the other.

Chain piecing works well here.

I keep my chained pieced units connected when I bring them to my ironing board.

I run the iron over to set my seams, then start pressing each one in the direction required in the instructions.

Once they are all pressed, then I cut the thread holding them all together.

Once the units are sewn together, lay out your block. Take a minute to make sure you have them lined up correctly. Each block is laid out the same, so I just lay one on top of another and sew them all the same. While this can be quicker, if you don't make sure that each one is placed correctly you could end up ripping seams. If you're good like me, you'll rip the same seam THREE times. Oy!

I like to sew row by row. For Broken Panes I sew Row 1, Units 1 - 2 and then Units 3 - 4. Press following the pressing arrows.

Then I stitch the Units 2 and 3 together for each row. Press. Then I sew rows together for a great block. Follow the sewing and pressing directions.

You should now have four, six, nine or twelve blocks, dependent on the size you are making.

Next week we are piecing our top! Just like that, easy peasy.

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Next week we will go over strip piecing, sub-cutting, and how to plan for directional fabrics.

Happy Stitching!

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  1. I never thought to leave the chain pieced units together until after pressing. Guess it's time to start thinking about a quilting plan. I can't believe how quickly this pieces together.


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