Friday, June 21, 2019

Introducing Criss Crossing!

Criss Crossing is here!

Well, she's always been here, but she's back and bigger (actually smaller) than ever. Criss Crossing was the very first pattern I had accepted by a magazine for print and so was only written in one size.

In fact, three years ago yesterday is when I shared this McCalls video:

Since it has been a few years now (though I totally didn't realize it had been almost exactly 3 years) I decided to give her an upgrade by adding multiple sizes. As a big block quilt it is easy to take away a couple of blocks to get a nice lap quilt or floor quilt for the baby.

This quilt is beginner friendly, has no paper piecing and because it is made up of big blocks, stitches together pretty quickly.

Tester Inspiration

Joanne used a dark background for her Criss Crossing. It really sets off her fabric choice, making it almost jewel like.

Melva used scraps for her Criss Crossing quilt. How fabulous did this turn out?

Dandelions are my favorite and this picture is my favorite because of them. Plus it also shows Melva's fabulous quilting job.

Fawn's monochromatic quilt just tickles me pink, or teal. She made an extra block to use as a pillow sham and this set is being donated to help raise money for an inclusive playground at the child care center she works for. Chills!!

Gina is making the largest version and shared a couple of finished blocks. She says the background fabric makes her think of Monet. I have to agree. I'm sooooo thankful she stepped up to test the larger version and  I can't wait to share the finished to with you.

Gina also pointed out that if you added the small quilt to the largest quilt you would have a king. So get stitching. :)

Inspired to make your own Criss Crossing? Patterns are on sale now through June 27th.  The printed patterns will ship in about a week while digital patterns are available to download as soon as they are purchased.

Etys printed

Etsy digital

Payhip digital

Happy Stitching!

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