Sunday, March 14, 2021

A look into my sewing room

 I did an "Instagram Takeover" of the All People Quilt Instagram feed March 5 - 7th. During the "takeover" I shared photos of my sewing space and thought I would share them here as well.

My sewing space is large and I am thankful for it in our 3 bedroom ranch style house that also shares space with our family and my day job. However, it is in our laundry room, in the basement, in a windowless room. I've (lovingly) named it "The Dungeon" and it's where all the PBJ stuff happens.

I dream of having a space that is filled with natural light and fresh breezes coming in from the big open windows. Someday maybe that will happen for me and I don't begrudge those who have them. I just think that sometimes those of us that don't have that yet, need to share, because I know we are not alone.

Our rooms may not be bright and airy, but they are good rooms where good things happen. 

The tour will happen counter clockwise. When you first step in the door, to your right is the tv. You may know that I watch Lord of the Rings whenever I have deadline work to do, but I will also watch YouTube videos on all things business. I watched all the Baby Lock videos available on the Brilliant before I even opened the box as well.

Next is my photo tent, printer, paper etc station. In the cabinet below is where I store my printed patterns, rulers, etc. Find the photo tent here. (Not an affiliate link.) The kanban board behind it all helps me keep my work flow from backing up.

Straight on from the door is my fabric storage area. If you don't "Instagram" you missed my fabric confession. I don't keep a lot of quilting cotton on hand, it's in the first shelf of bins, but knit fabrics. Ouch. Someone really needs to get sewing all the planned clothing pieces. I left the bucket of socks so you can see it really is a laundry room.

Next to the fabric is the comfy chair I sometimes take short naps in and/or my family comes down to sit and share time with me. When it isn't full of unfolded laundry.

My ironing board set up isn't awesome awesome, because it has to be moved when I'm doing laundry, but I like having it set up a few steps away from my cutting mat and sewing machine. I think it's really important to get up and stretch every now and then, and this helps me remember to do that.

The first half of my cutting counter has my extra cutting mat, wool pressing mat and bins with projects I'm currently working on. The second mat comes in handy when I'm cutting out clothing patterns and need the extra length. Which, when you look at the stash of knits I have going, I'm obviously not putting to good use right now.

Then my main cutting station. My rulers are hung on hooks, I also have rulers off to the side that don't have hang holes as well as some "seamstress" rulers.

Above the cutting area I have cupboards for more storage. One half stores the laundry soap, dryer sheets, etc. The other half has sewing notions, including this handy contraption. It's an old contact holder my uncle gave me when he retired and closed his office. The drawers are perfect for holding elastic, bias tape, glue for the glue gun, etc.

My L-shaped teacher's desk finishes off my space. The sewing machine sits on the higher part of the desk facing into the room and towards the tv, laptop on the shorter part ready for use.

The most important part of the sewing desk is the snack drawer. It's never pretty, but always yummy. 😉

It's important to note, my sewing space NEVER looks this clean and organized. With all of the projects I have going on there are always multiple piles taking over. I do try to do a quick pick up Saturday mornings to start off my weekend right, but it tends to pile up pretty dang fast. Even this picture is pretty clean looking compared to 2 weeks ago. Ha!

My favorite part of my space is the extra long cutting station, especially when it's cleared off and ready for the next project. What is the favorite part of your space? Even if you sew in a dark corner hiding from the rest of the household, what makes you excited to go there and create? Share in the comments and then....

Make Something Extraordinary!


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  1. I love your multi-purpose room. My sewing room also shares space with my office/school room, with my fabric storage in an extra room upstairs. I'm thankful I have a space to keep my sewing machine set up, even if I don't have other dedicated areas like a cutting or pressing station.

  2. Great post! My sewing room is also in the basement, and also a windowless room, but purpose built by my husband. It's not big, but it's entirely mine. I'm just grateful to have a basement to sew in, after living in SoCal, where basements are nearly nonexistent. One wall of my room is on the other side if the cistern that's under the garage floor!

  3. Thanks for the tour, Jen! Looks like you have plenty of space, and that's the key. Your space is a lot cleaner than mine. I'm envious of your snack drawer, and enjoy the flamingos who've dropped by!

  4. Great tour of your sewing area. You seem to have it well planned for maximum use. My favorite things about my sewing space were each produced by my husband. He made one large wall into a preview wall, made a large cutting table with storage and turned an old door into a pressing table. Thanks for sharing.

  5. I do like your cutting area. My table that I use seems to be too low and I can easily get back pains. My sewing area is on the bottom floor, also, with no natural light, but it is a wonderful large family room so it is comfy. I can take breaks to watch tv and drink tea. Thank you.

  6. Enjoyed the tour. I need to get a smart TV for the room I sew in so I could watch some of the programs while having fun quilting. I am one of the very lucky ones. Right after we retired (1999) Clay and I added a room on for me to do a Hobby to his "work room" in the back of the house! What hobby - I worked straight for 38 years. But I made all my clothes until I was 30 and then I never made another garment. I wanted to make quilts since 1970's but never had time nor the money single Mother - the career was off and running and attending night school to obtain my college degree.

    Back to 1999. I knew how to crochet so that was my first Hobby. Progressed to making jewelry (Clay is Choctaw and he makes silver jewelry). In 2005 I purchased my Hand Quilter long arm. In 2009 it was time to add another room for both of us in our 2 room play house. Now it is an 800 sq foot Studio and I have had to take over the Music room in the house to store fabrics.

    We are very spoiled, but then we each worked 38 years to have a good retirement. The time will come for you to have your space with windows with fresh air blowing through the open windows, be patient. I have windows where I look out when I am sewing, but never open the windows! Too many allergens and too hot in South Texas to do that. I forgot to mention that we live on 5 acres so the Studio is about 50 feet from the house. It is where we spend 95% of our time. Working and having fun.

    You have made a great place for you to do your work. I remember when I had to do mine in the house. Ah memories.

    Hang in there - your time is coming! Hugs


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