Monday, March 22, 2021

Using the Deb Tucker's Studio 180 Design Quilter's Magic Wand®

 I was recently asked "How do you used the Quilter's Magic Wand®?"

I thought this would make a good blog post, because there may be more than just one person asking that question. Please note, I am NOT a certified instructor for the Deb Tucker Studio 180 Design rulers. That is something I've looked into, but the dates have yet to work out for me to be able to apply. Some year.

Before we start I want to make sure to point out that the Quilter's Magic Wand® is NOT a cutting ruler. As you can see it is very thin and using a rotary cutter with this tool would be very dangerous. This is for marking only.

I use the Magic Wand mainly to mark Signature Block corners for that extra HST. Line up one edge of the Quilter's Magic Wand® from point to point.

Draw a line on both sides of the ruler. The 1/2" width is perfect for marking quick lines to sew on and leaves space to cut the units apart and have a 1/4" seam allowance.

Many use it to mark HST units as well. Line up the etched line on the Quilter's Magic Wand® on each point, mark the lines and you now have easy lines to sew on and that 1/4" seam allowance.

Deb Tucker shares more ways to use the Quilter's Magic Wand® on her YouTube Channel.

You can find the Quilter's Magic Wand® in my Etsy Shop.

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  1. I use mine all the time for HSTs. My accuracy is better when I draw both lines to sew on.


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