Thursday, March 16, 2017

Musings - Keep Your Joy

I am entering into the weekend with a mind full of things I "need" to do. You know, groceries, laundry, clean the bathroom. Oh! Feed the family, very important. 

There is another list going on in my head at the same time though, the PBJ list. I need to get this sampler done, I have that pile to post, an email to write, etc, etc. 

The problem with having all of this going on in my head, is that I lose the joy in doing that list. I love to quilt. I love every part of it. The designing, the cutting, the piecing, all the way to hand stitching the binding. Love it. 

There is a joy and a contentment in my heart when I am doing any of those things. Moments when I really do think to myself, "I am happy." 

Those first cuts in freshly pressed fabric, yum!

Making the first stitches in the first units of the new block. 

Squaring up the units. I can't tell you how much I love to square up a unit. It might be my favorite of all steps. I trim off the excess and look at that perfect unit and I am seriously entering into my happy place. Ahhhhhh...

Laying the units out in a beautiful block. 

Then the finished block into a quilt top. 

Possibly adding borders. 

(Here I send off my top to the long arm-er, because lets be honest, time is not my friend.)

Then hand stitching the binding. 

I only have this sad little picture from my Instagram. You can follow me here. (See what I did there?)

Joy! This all brings me such joy! The joy can get lost though, if I don't focus my attentions to "in the moment" thoughts. If I get stuck on counting how many squares I still have to cut out, or the blade is dull, this can make for ugly cutting time instead of joyful cutting time. Or if I forgot to fill up the bobbins before I started and I run out. I hate stopping to refill bobbins, I know better!  What about a dull needle when you are stitching on the binding. Frustrating! 

Quilt shown is my new pattern: XSquared.

So as you head into your weekend, which I hope has lots of quilting time planned, remember to stop and smell the fabric. Change the blade, fill the bobbins, clean the machine, use a sharp needle. 
Feed your joy. 

Happy Stitching,


  1. I know exactly how you feel. Once I start making those lists in my head, I easily get overwhelmed and think to myself, but where can I fit in the fun part? I always want to try a planner system, but I am too much of an "in the mood" person. If I am in the mood to trim, I trim. If I am in the mood to piece, I piece. No matter what is "supposed" to get done. My grandma always told me to not lose the fun part of sewing, because if it is only work then it isn't worth it.

    1. Wise words from your grandma, and important to remember!


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