Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bonus Half Square Triangles Tutorial

Today's post is a quick tutorial on how I get bonus Half Square Triangles (HST) from the units I am making.

The process adds a little bit of time to your marking/stitching, but in the end you get a number of bonus HST already stitched together.

I use Frixion pens to mark my lines on the wrong side of the fabric, I use the Clover Fine White marking pen for dark fabrics.

I mark the stitching line for the unit I am making first.

Note how the 1/2" mark on the ruler skims the drawn line, it doesn't lay on top of it.

Then I move my ruler over and mark the second stitching line for the bonus HST. Note where I have my ruler lines, just next to the marked line, not directly on it. I do that because I will stitch right next to the line, not on it.

When I take the units to the sewing machine I stitch the line made for the unit I am making first. Just along the line, not on it, to get an accurately sized unit.

Next I stitch the line for the bonus HST. I also stitch along side the line, not directly on it, to keep my seam allowance correct, otherwise it will get a little small.

Cut 1/4" from the first stitched line.

At this point you can throw them in a bucket or square them right away. I tend to throw them in a bucket and then give them away.

If you are better than me though you can  press your bonus HST units to the dark side and trim to size. One of the nice things about the Tucker Trimmer, my go to ruler for trimming HST, is that it has easy to see whole numbers as well as the half numbers. This makes it easy to trim the bonus HST to any size you like. Trimming HST tutorial HERE.

Once trimmed you can play around with different settings.

Have fun and play around a bit.

Happy Stitching!

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