Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Thread Storage help

Today I am not sharing tips, I'm asking for them.

Anyone else have a thread problem? I try really hard to keep the amount of fabric I keep very low, but I love thread. I am someone who needs to have the fabric and quilting/applique thread match, as well as the top and bottom thread.

Which leads to a lot of thread. They used to store nicely in this container, but with the addition of the Bobbin Buddies I have had to lay them on their sides in order to close the lid. Which leads to less space. PS I also use Tulip Bobbin Clamps to keep my bobbins from unraveling.

This weekend I went through and took out the spools that were very empty, or bobbins that I couldn't match up. I put those in my Binding Bag.

This bag holds thread, thread conditioner, thimble, needles and scissors.

When I'm actually binding it also holds the clips I use to hold the binding down.

It's still pretty messy and I can't see the colors I have without pulling spools out. I would love to hear how you store your threads. Keep in mind I need mine to be covered because I sew in my laundry room and it gets dusty.

I found this pretty color when going through my thread and I think I need to plan something to use it.
I'm looking forward to hearing your tips for better thread organization!

Happy Stitching!

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  1. My husband just got me bobbin buddies as a stocking stuffer and I started pairing things together this morning! At this point, I have thread in three different bins/containers and until I reorganize everything after I move, I'm not going to mess with my system (or lack thereof.) I am going to go through and put all of the spools that are closest to being finished on my sewing table so that I will use those first.

  2. My thread is stored on a peg board that my husband made for me. You need covered space though.Have you ever thought of looking at the tiered art boxes or tackle boxes? The tackle boxes aren't see through, but might give you the ability to see all of your thread colors with the tiers? (I'm thinking of the boxes that have shelves that tier when you open the lid.) Just a thought.

  3. I use a golf ball holder, I had bought my husband a bigger one (holds more gold balls...sigh) and I didn't want to toss old one or donate so more I looked at I realized I could turn it upside down and the shelves would be smooth and ta da my thread sits perfectly and since it has a glass door everything stays nice and clean. It hangs above my machine so at a glance i can see what i have.

  4. I’m impressed you get them all in one box! I have three regular plastic spool holder boxes...the ones with the spindles. They are clear and have lids, and I can sort of color coordinate them. But like you, I got those bobbin buddies, and really like having the bobbins and spools together so I don’t have to spend time trying to match bobbin to thread. Happened to have a lovely covered floral box that is tall, and I put the spools/bobbin combo in there...only have 4 or 5 right now, but it could hold a dozen or so. I love using up orphan bobbin thread, and your idea of putting things in a binding bag sounds perfect!

  5. Jen,
    I use these. https://www.joann.com/creative-options-thread-organizer-1013inx325inx1425in-clear/10672699.html#start=1
    I have 5 of them and I organize them by color. I don't have a huge thread stash, but I can quickly find the color I need (or close) and how much on a spool there is. I have many of those tiny spools and I can put 2-3 of those in one section. Jeannette

  6. I, too, need a better storage. I use the bobbin buddies. But I use small fuzzy hair elastics (from the dollar store) to wrap around the bobbins to keep thread in. I also use it around spools of thread. Good luck.

  7. I have two boxes with 3 drawers each, one on top of the other, making 6 drawers. The first with white and neutrals threads, then black and grey, then yellow, red, green, blue. It works well! 👍

  8. I've used something like these for years and I love them. I paid a lot less and got mine in the toy department at Walmart for a lot less. https://www.amazon.com/Creative-Options-5315-Thread-Organizer/dp/B001IYMCJO/ref=pd_cp_201_1?pd_rd_w=WjvxX&pf_rd_p=ef4dc990-a9ca-4945-ae0b-f8d549198ed6&pf_rd_r=W3NZT1GBH09GX9PG4H87&pd_rd_r=859f61ef-0523-11e9-a072-17decbef9670&pd_rd_wg=AVLKe&pd_rd_i=B001IYMCJO&psc=1&refRID=W3NZT1GBH09GX9PG4H87

  9. You've already received some great ideas. Mostly, I don't match threads. I have a few, but only for dire cases. Otherwise, I sew everything with black, white, off-white, very light yellow, or a light gray. It's amazing the colors that will blend in with many other colors. I discovered that when I had a longarm business and couldn't afford every color under the sun! A must-have color in those days was called Mother Goose. It blended with everything, though you wouldn't think so since it was sort of a gray-green-khaki color. Maybe that's why it blended! LOL I know you will find the perfect answer for your needs, but maybe those bins are not it. They limit your view, and make you spend a lot of time looking for the right thing. Perhaps a color-sorted box arrangement behind closed doors would work.


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