Saturday, December 29, 2018

Craftsy changes for PBJ

Many of you know that Craftsy did an overhaul of their designers/patterns availability on the 28th. While Patterns By Jen was one of the shops chosen to stay, Craftsy took down 29 of the patterns offered, including the three settings for the 2018 Monlthy Color Challenge. I have since taken down the six patterns they left, but what does that mean for you?

Friendly Flight Photo by Handmade Boy

Where can I get the Patterns By Jen digital patterns?

My patterns are still available as digital downloads from:

Where can I get the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge blocks and settings?

The blocks and quilt settings for the 2018 Monthly Color Challenge can all be found on Payhip. They will remain free through June 2109.

Where will the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge blocks be?

The blocks for the 2019 BOM will be available on Payhip. I have also started a new email list for the 2019 Monthly Color Challenge. This email will give you a link to download the block instructions directly to your computer. Sign up below.

Fall Retreat

Do I get to keep the patterns I bought from Craftsy?

Yes! The patterns you bought are still in your library. I would suggest that you download them just in case. If you have an issue with previously bought patterns disappearing from your library you will need to speak to Craftsy.

Hopefully this answers your questions on how to continue getting PBJ patterns and the Monthly Color Challenge.

Happy Stitching!

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