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Meet the 2023 Monthly Color Challenge Bloggers

 Let's meet the bloggers for the 2023 Monthly Color Challenge!

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This year we are finding our inspiration from Classic Cars. You can read all of the information in the Announcing the 2023 Monthly Color Challenge post.

We're changing it up a bit and going with one featured blogger each month. These talented bloggers are giving of their precious time to make the Monthly Color Challenge the success that it is. I hope you take a minute to meet each one.

I have asked each one these four questions:
1) If you have your drivers license at what age did you receive it?
2) What was the first car you owned?
3) Can you drive a stick shift?
4) Favorite snack for a road trip?

January Blogger

1) 17
2) Ford Laser Hatchback, it was red!!!!
3) Yes, love a manual, have also taught my four boys to drive a manual. I once also drove a column shift ute.
4) Coffee, and some sweet treats, healthy comes when you come to the destination.

February Blogger

1) 16
2) Ford Escort
3) Yes
4) Pretzels - nice and crunchy to keep me awake ⌣

March Blogger

1) 16 - I think it was on my birthday
2) A little Ford pinto that my grandpa gave me and I had to share it with my little sister.
3) Yes, I can drive a stick shift.
4) Anything. Particularly chocolate, but I also like licorice.

April Blogger

1) 16
2) Cherry Red Vega
3) Yes! I've never owned an automatic.
4) M&Ms

May Blogger

1) 16
2) Geo Metro Hatchback
3) No
4) Sour Patch Kids or jubes

June Blogger

1) 17
2) the first car I owned was a maroon ford escort with a blue pinstripe. I was so excited to have a cassette deck!!!
3) no, cannot drive stick shift
4) favorite snack used to be swedish fish, but now I try not to eat while I'm driving

July Blogger

1) 16
2) Chevrolet Chevette
3) Yes, it is particularly helpful when I travel to Europe.
4) Mixed berries

August Blogger

1) 17 - and I failed the first time
2) 1988 Buick Century that we nicknamed Oscar because my sister and I . . . left trash in the back. 😄
3) Nope. My father-in-law tried to teach me once. Once. 😂
4) Chips and Kit-Kats.

September Blogger

October Blogger

1) 17
2) Ford Escort
3) Absolutely. I can parallel park too. 😉
4) Swedish Fish

November Blogger

Debbie - Debbie Wendt

1) 16. . . On my 16th birthday
2) Pontiac Grand Am
3) Love driving a stick! Grand Am was a stick.
4) G.O.R.P. (raisins, peanuts, and M&Ms. . . trail mix type)

December Blogger

1) 16
2) white little car
3) The white little car was a stick shift and I drove a stick shift until a shoulder injury that prevented shifting.
4) Favorite food? The list is long. . . sometimes it's healthy: fruit and veggie slices. . . sometimes it's pure junk food. . .

This year our blocks are taking a little bit of a modern twist (still beginner friendly). To help with squaring up the units we will be making a 6 1/2" square ruler or 6 1/2" x 12 1/2" rectangle ruler will be helpful, but are NOT required. If you have the 6 1/2" x 24 1/2" ruler that will work just fine.

You can find the 6 1/2" square here.

You can find the 6 1/2" x 12 1/2" here.

Benartex Designer Fabrics has sponsered the 2023 Monthly Color Challenge this year. You can see the fabrics in this unboxing video.

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  1. Awesome! Great answers from everyone I was surprised so many knew how to drive stick shift. I learned it too in Denmark but when I went to college in the US I was the only girl who knew that -impressed the boys!!


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